Blocked by Search Engines – Discrimination caused by U.S Government Agency

Investigation Into Federal Government Cause of Website Blackout, Page and Article Removal – passwords do not stop this kind of intrusion

News update with current content: What at this time is being done to protect the civil and cyber rights of inventor, Peter Sumaruck, and his website, Zeroamptechnology. com.

No help from the FBI, though it has been requested many times, in fact, there is evidence to show that FBI agent Fred Rhea at the Waco, Texas field office is responsible for the attempted murder of Pete Sumaruck.

This article includes update revisions, as of February 28, 2013

*** As of August 15, 2012, the U.S. Department of Energy (and/or FBI) was not allowing Yahoo Search, Google Search (as well as other search engines) to place new articles (from original article) – (anything posted after February 25, 2012 when the original site was maliciously taken down), emanating from the websites of both (ZAT)… In the past years, since 2008, when Zero-Amp Technology Inc. articles began appearing – news articles always appeared if a key word or the complete title was used as a link according to internet protocol.

Search Engine Issues – Not being allowed to be found by a search engine is a flagrant issue of discrimination and an interference by the government in cyber communication – meaning that there was contact and collusion between government agencies and search engines to change the way they provide interface for the benefit of internet readers.

We hear about cybercrime, but few of those involved in communication expect the federal government to be the perpetrators. There should also be a reminder that investigation into cybercrime is one of the mandates of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Tampering with articles – Harassment continues, perpetrated by outside parties – they enter Zero-Amp Technology articles to change words, remove portions, even change titles in the admin menu. A case in point is the article where entry to this article was obfuscated – readers were not supposed to read an early quote, 2008, in the article from PESWiki, stating Pete Sumaruck’s technology, “(This) could revolutionize the entire infrastructure of modern society.” PESWiki does not want this very telling quote to be made public. In 2008, Sterling Allen, CEO of PESWiki, told Pete Sumaruck, “I was CIA,” and “I can get an NSA check cut for you today” (when Sterling wanted to buy Pete’s tech); Pete has this revelation on video tape.

Passwords to your sites do not stop this kind of intrusion. If a group or individual wants in, they can and do.

Why were sites hit as well as are the only websites effected by this blackout because both of these sites promote and encourage the inventor, Pete Sumaruck. In effect, these many instances did not cause others to go down or have missing pages, missing articles and missing computer desktop folders.

The Zero-Amp Technology site focuses on news of Mr. Sumaruck and his technology, while the Worldviewopinion site offers articles of general news interest. All of the articles on both sites are written by company information officer Charlotte Wilson, with quotes from Mr. Sumaruck, to include researched data. Words, sentences, paragraphs, whole pages as well as entire articles have disappeared before my eyes.

In 2010, I spoke to the FBI; the agent said there was nothing they could do.

The Justice Department and the U.S. Department of Energy and their secret dirty tricks affiliate DARPA do not want Mr. Sumaruck to succeed in bringing you unlimited fuel-free and pollution-free electric power.

This report of harassment is not idle chatter. Since 1991, until 2012, there had been 12 attempts on Mr. Sumaruck’s life. The number of attempts is now up to 18.

One year anniversary – On February 25, 2013 miscreants took down the two above mentioned websites – removed. We are now at the 1 year anniversary since the perpetration of this crime. Yes, it is a Federal crime to remove a website.

Comment – If our government is doing such a good job of offering consumers new technologies in energy production, then one would think they would just ignore Pete Sumaruck. Let him do his thing, and they can get on with offering all that grand and glorious new free energy they have discovered.

Oh… they haven’t developed any? So if Pete has the answer – the holy grail of energy – why didn’t they accept Pete’s many offers to them of his help – he wanted to help his country.

That was then. Now February 28, 2013, Pete Sumaruck wants to reiterate and clarify his position. Mr. Sumaruck will not sell his clean energy technology to the U.S. government. He believes they cannot be trusted.

Since 1991, when Pete Sumaruck showed his invention to the FBI in Atlanta, Zero-Amp Technology could have developed hundreds of thousands of new industries – American industries – and the millions of jobs needed for new infrastructures. Why doesn’t the U.S. Government want this new technology? Because it would save the U.S. trillions of dollars in electric power yearly. This new technology would solve the federal budget crisis, as well as the worries of cities like Detroit and Stockton, Calif. – filing for bankruptcy, but that seems to be how the Government of the United States wants it.

Note how Walmart could have saved $45 billion – yes that’s $45 billion – every year since 1991 if they had used Pete Sumaruck’s technology. Visit for the details.

Therefore, Pete Sumaruck has reached out to the world. He has already sold the licensing rights for his technology to more than 100 countries worldwide. The skies over these other countries will clear, pollution gone – amazing… when once no one thought it would ever be possible. Because of Sumaruck’s technology, global warming will begin to reverse. This will not be immediate, but cleaner skies will be apparent. This will take place in countries other than America. Those countries will develop this technology in ways they decide.

Mr. Sumaruck has reserved the right of approval for each group or country that wants to purchase his licensing rights.


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* Many photographs from Pete Sumaruck’s horrific accident on I 40, west of Flagstaff, on July 22, 2012.