Worldwide Public Announcement of Zero Frequency – Includes News Update on Countries With ZAT Technology

Worldwide Public Announcement of Zero Frequency – Includes News Update on Countries With ZAT Technology

Public Announcement of Zero Frequency Application of Zero-Amp Technology

News Update, Feb. 24, 2013, includes a partial list of countries who have Zero-Amp Technology: Germany, Brazil, Japan, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, U.K., Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy, France, Belgium, Norway, Russia, Taiwan, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Croatia, Ukraine, Canada, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Lithuania, Georgia, South Africa, Australia (to include many others in Asia, Central America and South America).

Inventor Pete Sumaruck with his company, Zero-Amp Technology, made this announcement on January 1, 2013, of their new application of Sumaruck’s technology.

Information released to the public January 4, 2013. Contact Information Officer, Charlotte Wilson, and

This new application uses the principle of zero frequency which is proprietary information.

Mr. Sumaruck is not personally affiliated with this new application development. Pete wants to continue powering buildings of any size, using unlimited electric energy that is fuel free and pollution free, Sumaruck’s primary concept.

“This (zero frequency) is so new, we are not yet disclosing the product name…but it’s here,” says Mr. Sumaruck.

No going back to a simpler age – the newest application of ZAT innovation is free phone calling charges. Individuals worldwide will now have the ability to make phone calls for free, anywhere in the world (except for the US), for the life of their phone, any phone – land or cell.

A phone in every building, a phone in every room in every country – inside, outside, anywhere – transmission towers are not necessary.

An example of how this phone technology works – a person goes into a kiosk anywhere in the world – they hand their phone to the clerk, who makes a simple change to their unit. Viola, they have zero frequency technology.

Pete Sumaruck’s only stipulation is that the cost of this application is $39.95 per phone. “Never any higher,” says Sumaruck. “This means that every person in the world, old enough to hold a phone and understand the operation of a phone, will have one of these phones – or several.


Update on Cost of Licensing Rights for Zero-Amp Technology – It has already become public knowledge that Pete Sumaruck has sold the licensing rights to 75 countries, worldwide.

Sale to China – Now we can report that in addition to their original purchase, China (Peoples Republic of China), has made an additional purchase of 20 more – now. We are not currently apprised of the status of the ROC – Taiwan. Update, Taiwan is in.

The cost now in 2013 per new country is $225 million.


Zero Frequency not available in United States – I asked Mr. Sumaruck if this new application would be available in the U.S.

Sumaruck says, “Probably not. I am not involved in the business/corporate development of this extension of ZAT technology. They are on their own with this.” Sumaruck is concerned with what will be next – the possibilities are endless. “I am still convinced I don’t want my tech to be weaponized…as I have always said.”

“Why not the U.S., because I offered my technology to my government for 21 years. What response did I get. They kept trying to kill me. The incident in July was the big one. and Now they keep screwing up my phones – you understand…it’s the phone tech issue now. Guess they know about phone application (tech application) before we talked about it (publicly). Instead of coming around to this (new reality), they continue to harass me.”

When Pete Sumaruck says “No,” he is confident in his decisions.

“Why should I help them now. The rest of the world is embracing my innovations. At this time, I am not interested in helping the U.S.”


Data Servers – In addition to this new phone application of Zero-Amp Technology, an exceedingly important application of ZAT innovation will completely power data servers. There are universal complaints about the cost of storing computer data – even the NSA in this country complains. The reality is that taxpayers, as well as consumers should not be responsible for these mammoth costs.

If the costs of powering servers are free, making a change to ZAT powering would not require any revision of business infrastructure, no reorganization, and would result in the elimination of costs for power. Data server power costs are completely unnecessary.


Zero-Amp Technology will help every individual in the world. This technology will also aid any business that uses a server – that’s every large business. That’s everyone, isn’t it.


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