Who Removed WorldViewOpinion

What happened to the original WorldViewOpinion website –

At the end of March 2012, the original site provider for WorldViewOpinion, “Blogware” went out of business. I knew in advance so I was shopping for a tech person to help me with the conversion to WordPress. This issue was compounded because the site I also write for – ZeroAmpTechnology – had been “removed” on Feb. 25, 2012 in a spurious act of vandalism.

When the stats were checked, our intel pointed to the U.S. government as the miscreants. They committed a Federal crime in removing the Zero Amp Tech site. Even the FBI recently agreed to the veracity of this statement, but decined to investigate.

As if that were not bad enough, as I scrambled to try to possibly reconstruct any of my 46 articles on the ZAT site, I was betrayed by my then-current tech person. I thought I had found a person I could trust; he seemed intelligent and experienced with WordPress… and familiar with the particular needs of my situation. He is also a writer and even a member of the Press.

I even suggested to him that he practice moving over a couple of articles that were expendable. I had quite a few Zero-Amp Tech articles on the WorldViewOpinion site waiting for the move, as well as some special photographs of works of Art by friends of mine. I asked him to be especially careful with these pictures and to include the text describing those artists’ purpose and their personal comments – the material was irreplaceable.

So it was like moving day, but the van was hijacked, run off the road, then not to be found.

His email message to me: “Subject: ‘Terrible News’” ; “Date: ‘Sat, April 14, 2012 1:51 pm’” “The world view opinion site is gone. The file I downloaded from the Blogware interface during March, which contained all of the website’s information (posts, pics, etc.) is not working when I import it to the new WordPress blog I established.”

There were many people who needed to move their material out of the site that was closing, not just me; there was even dialogue from WordPress on the subject offering helpful suggestions for a smooth move – no excuses. This man is an adult, not a child. No excuses.

He continues, “I am sorry you have lost your largest body of work,” (close to a hundred articles).

Because of the many instances of government interference in my cyber efforts, I do not believe this man acted alone in his responsibility for this act. One might ask, why would he do this intentionally. In his setup, he spent an inordinate amount of time with one delay after another. And there were other hints of aberrations, but I generally expect the best from people until taught otherwise.

So with the advice of counsel, to start out fresh with new domains and new hosts, I proceeded to find several other techs to assist me. This has been my path, reconstruction and innovation – I pick up, I go on.

I really do miss those photographs; they were special to me. Also, the time lost in the inability to write and be published was annoying. I am a person who needs to accomplish. Plus, Pete from the ZAT site kept asking why it was taking so long, what’s going on. I told him, but that didn’t make it any easier.

The former tech person told me he had expectations of being able to break the story of Pete Sumaruck’s success to the public at large. He said he expected to sell his story to The New York Times. But now, there is the question “can he be trusted.”