What’s Going On with Pete Sumaruck’s Zero Amp Technology

What’s going on with Pete Sumaruck’s Zero-Amp Technology. Read what happened to Pete Sumaruck’s websites. http://www.zeroamptechnology.com/Pete has retired now but even in retirement there are two new applications for his technology: technology to provide unlimited water for a world where water is more valuable than oil. A very important link for everyone.

Pete in his garage working on a genset

Pete in his garage working on a genset

The following will offer a brief history and explanation of Sumaruck’s Zero-Amp Technology.       More than 100 countries worldwide have purchased licensing rights to ZAT Technology for 3 or more million $ each.   http://www.worldviewopinion.net/worldwide-public-announcement-of-zero-frequency-includes-news-update-on-countries-with-zat-technology/

Learn about Zero Frequency 2013, applied to communication – cellular is no longer current technology.

2004 http://www.worldviewopinion.net/peter-sumaruck-agrees-to-design-a-mobile-genset-for-the-army/   To power the ground war in Iraq (2nd Iraqi War,) to do without diesel, and to power the green Zone 24 hours a day, everyday.

2008 http://www.worldviewopinion.net/new-engine-for-trucks-no-diesel-no-natural-gas-no-ethanol-no-emissions-no-pollution-how-can-that-be/

2012 http://www.worldviewopinion.net/biggest-wreck-on-i-40/  

2012 http://www.worldviewopinion.net/fbi-tries-to-get-rid-of-pete-sumaruck-but-that-isnt-going-to-happen/ The crash and who was responsible.

2013 The United States Government is responsible for the most egregious crime in current US medical history.  http://www.worldviewopinion.net/inventor-pete-sumaruck-is-interrogated-while-under-sedation/ Gov. wants Pete’s technology and will steal to get it.

2008  http://www.worldviewopinion.net/peswiki-most-probably-bogus-this-could-revolutionize-the-entire-infrastructure-of-modern-society-says-peswiki/  Historic photos and documentation.


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