Time For New Revelations – Peter Sumaruck talks statistics for his Free Energy Technology

Time For New Revelations – Peter Sumaruck talks current statistics for his pollution-free energy production technology


The world knows about Mr. Sumaruck’s “fuel free” energy production systems. The world knows about how factory production is going strong in Brazil (the first country in the world to go into mass production of these systems). There have been over $400 million dollars in sales so far in Brazil, with similar figures coming in from Europe (especially Germany), and Japan (Mr. Sumaruck has a special relationship with that country). India is next; that will be a big operation.

Pete building a unit in a small trailer for ease of delivery

Pete building a power unit in a small trailer for ease of delivery

Now in September 2015, at a time when there is, as we all know, a great need for this pollution-free technology, Mr. Sumaruck wants to share his current statistics with the public.

Sumaruck’s Zero-Amp Technology power production systems runs at 6,000 RPM, output 997 amps, and 240 volts, with “0” imput – that’s “zero fuel imput.”  The system is closed looped, which means once turned on, a typical system to power an entire home (actually twenty average-sized homes with one power unit), and will run for fifty years – day and night, without fuel, and no pollution …. ever.

Unit Pete designed for the U.S. Army and for Navy SEALS in 2004

This genset unit was scheduled to power ground operations in Iraq and especially the Green Zone in Baghdad.

In 2004, Pete was contracted to power the ground operations in the Iraqi War for the U.S. Army and for U.S. Navy SEALs – consider the lives and money that could have been saved when no diesel needed. A week before mass production of these units was to begin, the project was cancelled by two Texas politicians. They said soldiers could not be trusted with this technology.

As often happens to inventors, obstacles are thrown into their paths – Peter Sumaruck has experienced more than 20 assassination attempts, from machine guns on the freeway, to a crop duster flying 10 feet above his head, to an FBI, computer-driven highway wreck, creating the biggest crash in Arizona’s history.

Photos were taken July 23, 2012 at the junkyard after the crash. Coming down off a hill and rolling over 8 times in the center meridian sheared off the top of Pete’s Dodge Ram Laramie Hemi. Note the only support left standing was where Pete was wedged his body down in, saving him from certain death.

Watching the truck role, a truck driver ran over to where Pete was trapped (inside, Pete had to cut his seat belt loose with his b backuck knife). The truck driver saw a sledgehammer come flying threw the sky, from the back of Pete’s truck, to land at the side of the Dodge Hemi. The truckdriver picked it up and started swinging  at the windshield, as the engine was still running and gasolene dripping in on Pete.

Pete wants to thank that strong black man again for saving his life, “I didn’t get a chance to thank him enough,” – a very special bond when you save another’s life.

Analysis of the wreckage showed that a computer (operated by FBI agents) had disabled all 14 airbags, the truck’s breaks and the breaks of his 36 ft. travel trailer in tow.
top off truck

Below is an image of that new 36 ft. trailer, reduced to a flatbead by the impact. Images with dated photos reflect the date a photo was copied from the original.
trailer flat

Those who tried to kill Peter Sumaruck  with this wreck, timed it to coinside with Pete’s  father’s birthday – the 22nd of July. But this time, their count was off by 25 minutes (Paul Sumaruck (Pete’s father died in a fiery Chevy Corvair in 1965).

Peter Sumaruc wants everyone to know.

However, this notice is in no way an advertisement. If you have any questions, you may speak directly to Mr. Sumaruck at 925 435 5196, Pacific Time.

Article written by Zero-Amp Technology Information Officer at charlotte.wilson330@gmail.com