Some Nerve, Scott and White

Some Nerve, Scott and White

On May 2, 2012, famed electric energy inventor, Pete Sumaruck was held against his will for 12 hours, in Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas.

Yesterday, September 20, 2012, a representative of Scott and White Hospital called Pete Sumaruck to ask if he would like to pay his bill. Some nerve.

“I was kidnapped” says Mr. Sumaruck – Before that person could comment, Pete logically, but aggressively delivered his point. He told the caller that his attorney was preparing the case – Pete would be suing the police department of Temple, Texas for six million, and Scott and White Hospital for four million dollars for unlawful detention and assault. “I was kidnapped.

Mr. Sumaruck had not been a patient in their hospital; he was not being seen for any health issue; he was in Temple on business, and had merely gone into the hospital to ask them if they would refill his prescription. He was sitting in a waiting room, when five Temple police officers walked in.

The police did not read him his rights – They hustled Mr. Sumaruck out to one of two patrol cars, taking him to the back of the building to Emergency. Pete kept protesting he didn’t want to go Emergency.  The police did not read him his rights. He had not broken any laws – Pete asked them, “What have I done; what law have I broken.” The police told him no laws were broken. But back he went, out of the car and strapped to a gurney. A hospital attendant shoved Pete, she told him, “If you get off this gurney, I’m gonna whip your ass.”

Pete was repeatedly assaulted by hospital staff with blows to the upper body including his throat, even after he told them he had in the past had serious surgery to his carotid artery, showing a visible scar.

Throughout, Pete remained calm, tried to reason with them, until they threw him into an examination room and locked the door. Now he was really angry. He decided to use every rotten word he could think of – loud and angry, and he has a military vocabulary. After hours of this barrage, a doctor opened up, saying they couldn’t stand it any longer – the noise, the profanity. Pete used that as a tool to escape…but not before they drugged him, then pushed him out the door, left in that condition to navigate the highways back to his home in Waco. “Lucky I didn’t kill anyone on the road.”

“I was wearing a wire” – Pete read the police report later – it claimed he had threatened suicide. “Not true,” Pete told us, “I had a body wire on, I have it all taped, even in HD.” Pete knows to always take extreme security measures ever since he made his technology breakthrough 25 years ago. Pete has found that sometimes being an inventor has drawbacks.

Originally, it was his intention to offer his invention for the betterment of his country. Now he knows how ungrateful our government is. With 18 attempts on his life, along with all the many acts of harassment, Pete Sumaruck has given up on the United States. He believes countries worldwide will be more appreciative.

Accosted, kidnapped, beaten, drugged, and held for 10 to 12 hours – Did this assault take place in a foreign country, being treated as a suspected terrorist – no, this happened in Texas where Pete is well-known for creating unlimited fuel-free and pollution-free electric energy, powering entire buildings of any size, off the grid. Sometimes, certain inventions make our government feel inadequate.

“No hero’s welcome – The entire staff of Scott and White should have given Pete Sumaruck a hero’s welcome; instead they treated him as if he were worse than a criminal.

I said to Pete, “The name, Scott and White sounds more like a funeral home.”

No, Pete will not pay a bill for torture rendered…but Scott and White  may pay dearly. Hospitals cannot afford this kind negative publicity and lawsuits. We must always assume all Americans have civil rights.

Pete in front of his prototype for the U.S. Army 2004


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