Records Show Steve Robinson Was A Conscientious Non-Combatant During the Vietnam War

Interview July 18, 2012, conducted by writer, Charlotte Wilson.

Steve Robinson was a conscientious non-combatant in Vietnam. That sounds like an oxymoron – that is the entire raison for the league of Navy SEALS, ever since President Kennedy established the first unit of SEALs. Combat.

Pete Sumaruck with his prototype for the US Army

Char – Pete, I want to talk to you about the turkey shoot you mentioned to me.

Pete – Yeah, we can do that – I like talking about it. It’s going to be great.

Char – I spoke to someone just yesterday about this. She asked does Pete really shoot turkeys (laughter).

Pete – No, not at all – for all those animal rights folks out there. Just a name, it actually means “Competition Target Shooting with Shotguns.” We aren’t going to shoot anyone, just a show of skill. All guys in the Navy SEALs training went to shooter school.

Char – And you invited Steve Robinson to this competition.

Pete – I figure he must be a pretty good shot, he’s maybe three or four years older than me but would have been sent to shooter school if he had been a SEAL, so he and I can test our skills… even if he never did go into combat.

* I can’t believe Steve Robinson was a Navy SEAL and never went into combat – it was the Vietnam War. I shake my head.

Pete Sumaruck was recruited by a CIA agent who was in his tae kwon do class in Dallas in 1974 after Pete got his black belt. Pete was recruited to be a contract black op agent, and trained by Navy SEALs. He spent nearly ten years taking assignments around the world, going in where U.S. regular military special ops were not allowed to go. And no, he can’t tell us where, and the years.

Since 2009, Steve Robinson and his vigilante friend Larry Bailey have been harassing Pete, claiming he hadn’t been a SEAL, even though Pete says that’s true, “I wasn’t a SEAL but we were trained by SEALs for covert assignments.”

Steve Robinson

Steve and Larry [The Two Stooges] say America never had contract covert combatants. We know their contention is without merit. This country has been doing that since before the Revolutionary War – covert combatants and proud to be.This quote tells it in a military voice, from Major Todd Hathaway (Pentagon) sent to Steve Robinson: Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 07:57:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: Todd Hathaway <>
Subject: Sumaruck

“Steve, Peter Sumaruck’s missions with Navy Se.A.L.s through the early 1980s has been confirmed. Not everyone is ‘on the books’…you should know that by now, though your posts strongly suggest otherwise; therefore, your intent is other than you have publicly stated on the web site…or you are simply ignorant. In either case, this issue shall be resolved through the appropriate channels. Todd”************

Why does Pete want to test Steve Robinson on the firing range? From the website: “It was more than two years ago that Steve Robinson (from Missouri) said in writing several times, he was going to come down to Texas – with 10 of my men – ‘I’m going to whip your ass,’ also threatened several times in writing to kill Pete. But Steve never came. He did send two of his men down. Pete put both of them out by using his tae kwon do skills; both of these guys ended up unconscious, and both in the hospital.” The second man, a Marine, called Pete later to apologize.

Pete – I guess it was just Steve talking out of his rear when he said “I’ll whip your ass, he couldn’t do it,” and he needed to have 10 men with him to attack me. Ha, he had to have backup, he’s twice my size but he couldn’t do it himself.

Now he can prove himself at the turkey shoot and make some money, doing it. And Steve won’t need to hire someone else to do his dirty work [Pete grumbles, calls Steve, “sissy Girl Scout”]. Force himself to be a man and show the skills he learned in SEAL’s training. Every SEAL goes to shooter school – it’s basic.

Char – We know that about Steve – not being in combat – even his old friend, Ken Garrett, who fought in Korea, said so on the internet, that Steve never was in combat; Ken made excuses for him. That was wartime, Vietnam, if he had been a SEAL, wouldn’t they order him to go to war. That seems the whole reason for wanting to be a SEAL – to fight for your country.

You would think. We know the Navy spends millions of dollars training on every SEAL, and then one of them doesn’t want to fight. Hard to understand. It would be different if Steve would just fade into history but he keeps on bragging about being in SEAL Team One (1971- 1978).

Pete – What exactly did Steve do as a SEAL in the Vietnam War, if he actually was a SEAL.

Char – He puts RA 2 on all those resumes he leaves with everyone.

Pete – That’s Radioman Second Class, or Ropeman (Pete half-smiling but truthful).

Char – OK, so Steve isn’t a fighter, but why a turkey shoot.

Pete – If you are a good shot, you never stop being one. He needs to prove himself, prove he can do it. He goes around…speaking engagements, telling the public what an expert he is at chasing wannabes. He’s the wannabe. It’s a real possibility Steve Robinson never was a SEAL. Maybe he never moved beyond Radioman Second Class in the regular Navy. Then there’s that assignment he took, finger-f…ing dolphins.

*Steve Robinson transferred to San Diego to work with marine mammals in Inshore Underwater Warfare Group – undoubtedly where he met the DARPA people.

Steve also wrote a book called No Guts, No Glory – Unmasking Navy Seal Impostors. With a title like that, you would think this book would be written by someone with an illustrious military career.

Pete – I don’t give a shit what he did in the military. But he seems to need to prove he has power over other people, especially dead soldiers and sailors; he attacks them when they can’t defend themselves. That’s what I can’t stand, and going after records of the dead – he’s using them.

Char – This is a real betrayal of his country and any personal ethics he might ever have had.

Pete – Huh. Ethics – none. And he’s doing this right now, currently, harassing families of the dead; you wonder how much money he gets from those families. They just want to get rid of him. He must be really proud. Pumps up his confidence to ridicule the dead.”

Pete says, “Where is his DD214? If Steve Robinson was a real SEAL, he should be happy to post his own DD214 (discharge, separation document – a person‘s service record); he wants everyone else’s but he won’t show his own. What is he afraid of.”

Char – And we heard how easy it is to fake a DD214. Go to where co-founder of Steve’s group, Pownetwork, says, “It’s surprisingly easy to fake a record of being a war prisoner. P.O.W. Network co-founder Mary Schantag has purchased stacks of surplus military separation forms on the Internet,” DD214 forms.

Also visit: , on the second page, where Bullshido people are trying to determine if a martial arts instructor, Richard Guerra has an authentic background. Guerra has offered his DD214 to them. They decline, “since it is easy to forge a DD214 or alter it to support false claims.”… they asked him instead to “sign a pre-filled form SF – 180 to release his military record.” Guerra chose not to comply… and why should he. He doesn’t care what they think.

Pete – The Turkey Shoot, because it’ll be fun. Something old Steve would never expect. We’ll see what Steve is made of. Even Larry Bailey goes out to a firing range, and he turns it into a photo op. If Larry can do it – and he’s older than Steve – Steve can do the same; he might even win the $25 K and be awarded my gun.

“That gun came out of a whore house where I made it. And he’ll need to know 50 caliber is not allowed, only 5.56 NATO ammo. I’ll be filming everything like I always do.

“A real SEAL never turns down a challenge!!!” Pete says, and, “If I win, I get the money, his gun, and he’ll have to take off all the shit he put up on his POW website about me, and the other shit things he’s printed on the internet – a clean sweep of all that crap – all of it has to go.”

Steve Robinson is out of business, but the story goes on. No more tombstones to knock over. Scroll to the headstones on the Pow site for David L. Stump.

Turning over tombstones is not only destructive, it’s childish, it’s something kids used to do to be disrespectful of the dead, but it is what Steve Robinson does right now … along with the other “volunteers” at the Pownetwork.

replacement on the right side, “Vietnam” taken out

To you Steve, how will you feel about tombstones as you get closer and closer to the reality of death for yourself. That should be enough to make you reconsider going through all the volumes of newspaper obituaries to investigate any male who spent time in the military.

While still with the headstones, scroll to the right and up slightly. Listen to Steve Robinson pontificating on how common these claims are. Especially “involving extraordinary combat heroics – to cite a ‘secret mission’ as an explanation for the lack of military documentation to back up their stories.”

“Imposters often make additional claims of special skills (sniper, courier, etc), or of participation in “covert operations … of an ultra secret nature and extremely classified.” Robinson says the overall intention is to convey to the listener that the person making the statements is not only an “extraordinary and deadly warrior”, but also one of the very rare persons the government has decided to trust with the most sensitive, top secret information… all in an effort to make the story teller appear more important.

Pownetwork is full of these stories; Steve is full of these stories. That’s what is in his book, No Guts, No Glory. You hear it in his voice. What Robinson is actually doing is the same thing as those he chases; he’s trying to make himself appear more important than he really is.

But vigilantism is illegal.

And after the Pownetwork defames and attempts to dishonor someone’s reputation, and then finds out they were incorrect, pow refuses to apologize or remove the man from their list of possible miscreants.

It should be noted that the pownetwork has recently changed their site format making it next to impossible for the public to read their text and see the pictures for themselves. Pownetwork is ingaged in a legal battle with many they have slandered – they need to protect themselves. The vigilanties are the ones now under attack.

If the Pownetwork opened its doors in 1989, there would have been time to save the lives of the many remaining real POWs still alive in Southeast Asia. The Pow people used the letters “P” “O” “W” but never did anything about getting our people out of Asia. That is “Stolen Valor.” They stole the valor of those who were waiting, and waiting…in vain. Those people sweated, starved and died in prison. The powpeople claim to have connections in our government; they could have launched a campaign to bring Prisoners of War home… but they did not. That is unconscionable.

Still with the headstone story as an example of many in Pownetwork’s list of the dead, a great deal of information can be gleaned from David Stump. Note the two photos of the headstones. The difference in the stones is that the one on the right does not say “Vietnam.” Link to the “Chicago Tribune” article about the case.

After Mr. Stump passed away, his family found some yellowed notes from the soldier’s past, mentioning his military service. Dated 1974, the form stated Mr. Stump had been one of three survivors of the Bien Hoe Massacre,” Vietnam. Mrs. Stump said her husband never talked about his military service so it was unusual to find this document. She decided his headstone should mention, “Vietnam.”

The article reports that the government would have to pay for the new tombstone. Headstones of that size are costly. Also note in the article where it says, “Many cases are brought to the public’s attention by veterans and veterans groups, private watchdogs of sorts… who examine obituaries,” exactly what Steve and company are busily doing… as a moneymaking scheme.

Pete – says, “I need these Powpeople like a 40 pound hemorrhoid.”

Pete – Showing his disrespect for what they do and who they are, “What they do is coming back to haunt them (the Pownetwork people). The government is trying to save money, while Pow is causing backfires. Pow will need to be more careful who they try to extort.

“There are already a lot of law suits against the pow people, big money, that’s what will end them. Defamation charges. And the Supreme Court has thrown out the Stolen Valor law.”

Pownetwork was using that law as provacation to go after people, they made money off that law – calling it “donations.” They created a cozy niche business.

Note the date of the “Chicago Tribune” article as Dec. 28, 2011. So much in this article is a poignant testimony to the word, “ironic.”

They speak of Pownetwork, and its inception in 1989, and founders Chuck and Mary Schantag. They say they have exposed 4,000 men who made false claims on their military records. That was Chuck Schantag speaking/being quoted in the Tribune. Less than two months later, Chuck Schantag died on February 23, 2012 of a heart attack. He was 64.

In his obituary, on the Pownetwork website, there is no mention of Chuck Schantag’s military rank. They say he was a member of MOZARK branch of MOAA (Military Officers Association of America). I spoke to MOAA’s main office located at the Pentagon. I even called twice to make absolutely clear – “a member must have been a commissioned officer or a warrant officer.” If Chuck Schantag had been an officer, he would have said so – proud to say so, just like Larry Bailey, who tells every single person he was a Captain.

On the website, , collecting money for the widow, they say. “‘Technicalities’ have effectively closed the possibility of Mary receiving anything but a fraction of his disability stipends.” I have been told by a credible source that the only “technicality” would be that Mary and Chuck were not married.

This may sound petty; many couples live in a common law situation, but if the Schantags were going to prosecute anyone whose military record might have errors or omissions in it, then they should have been legally perfect themselves.

Let’s look at how Chuck Schantag received his Purple Heart – it may be a case of embellishment, like the old fish story, “how much did that bass weigh?”

From, the writer speaks of Chuck getting “the better of” a North Vietnan “officer” in a “close quarters” assault, one day into the Tet Offensive, January 31, 1968. As Chuck was “defending himself”…“he set off the grenades on the NVA’s belt.” It is said that Chuck was thrown by the force of the detonation and was injured requiring a six month hospital stay at Philadelphia Navy Hospital, with “severe” PTSD and surgeries for embedded shrapnel.

Yes Schantag may have been seriously injured, but anyone would have been dead from setting off grenades on the enemy’s belt. His is not a credible story.

Pete – Chuck could not have set off a gook’s grenade belt without being torn in half – and I’ve seen men cut in half. And a flack jacket wouldn’t save him; anyway, it was 125 degrees out there. No one would zip up. Another thing, did you notice how in reports of Chuck’s death, no one says he received full military honors. He should have deserved that; why didn’t anyone say he got it; it’s common practice to say so.

Char – Any discrepancies in Chuck’s record could be cleared up by posting his DD214. This is the challenge – let’s see the real one, not a fake one like Mary Schantag loves to show for everyone.

the Schantags

Pete said, “Char, don’t forget to mention their arrest for dealing methamphetamine.”

Char – Maybe it was just a rumor.

Pete – I read the arrest report.

In the above link, read the main article on, then scroll down through the “Comments,” several relating to the Schantags. Or just yahoo search: “Mary and Chuck Schantag arrested for selling Meth.”


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