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Inventor, Peter Sumaruck has suffered 22 years of harassment by The Government of the United States of America, all because he wanted to make his breakthrough technology available to benefit his country. The harassment has included a variety types and situations, all the way from minor annoyances, to life threatening attacks – 20 attempted homicides, to date.

After selling more than 100 licensing rights worldwide, Pete Sumaruck is retiring. He now addresses those who have been following his experiences, “I am fed up with this government; I’m tired of being harassed and abused – this is it; I’m done. All those other countries can develop my technology however they want to – it belongs to them now. I will not sell my technology to the United States. If some other country wants to sell their tech to the U.S., that country can sell it for 5 times or 500 times what they paid for it – that’s Capitalism. That’s what the U.S. gets for operating like Nazis. Where are my civil rights? Gone, completely gone.

“I will not participate in this fraud of a government – they’re cowards, traitors to the country we uses to be proud of. This country truly does not want to encourage new technology. They’re shit-deep in greed. I advise all inventors to work with other countries in the world, not this one…move on while you’re still young – that’s where the future is. ”

The Zero-Amp Tech website is how being taken down, a casualty in this country’s war on technology.

The following is only a partial list of those instances of harassment:

  • The theft of Pete’s prototype of the power production mobile genset, Sumaruck built for the U.S. Army, which was intended to power the ground war in Iraq – lighting and general power needs for buildings, both permanent and temporary quarters, including offices and medical services. This would have eliminated the need for expensive and dangerous diesel and battery power.

At work on the Army’s prototype.

  • Going down the highway in California, Pete was shot at by a man with a machine gun.
  • Many incidents of vehicular tampering.
  • Many threats to his life, taped with audio, visual and cyber hardcopy.
  • Two incidents of kidnapping.
  • Several attacks of poisoning.
  • Physical abuse by law enforcement officers – several beatings.
  • Attempts at character assignation.
  • Strafing of Pete and his neighbors by a crop duster 10 to 20 ft. off the ground.
  • Many incidents of breaking and entering and destruction of property.
  • Hundreds of situation of cyber attacks.

Remains of Pete’s truck and trailer.

  • July 22, 2012 incident of attempted murder by the FBI to include evidence of the crime, and the complete destruction of Pete’s Dodge Hemi Laramie and his new 36 ft. travel trailer.
  • Destruction of his 1964 Classic Dodge A100 truck.

Pete’s Classic 64 Dodge truck before the recent crash. This Dodge is still chugging along.



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