Power 8,500 Homes With One 65kW Power Unit

Peter Sumaruck Can Now Power More Than 8,500 Homes With Only One 65kW Power Producing Unit

Fri 13 May 2011 02:47 PM PDT – Article Reconstruction due to pilfering of the Zero-Amp Technology website on Feb. 25, 2012

Inventor, Peter Sumaruck can now power more than 8,500 homes with one 65kW power unit, thus creating Eco-urban communities using electricity distribution companies designed by Sumaruck.

Until now – May 11, 2011 – Peter Sumaruck could power a 2,000 sq ft. home, to 5,000 sq. ft. with one 65kW power production unit. That was an amazing accomplishment.

He would closeloop the unit, allowing it to run at ambient temperature for 30 years with 100% efficiency. The units all display overunity, whereby, a great deal more energy comes out than is put in. Being closedlooped, there is no dependency on conventional power utilities – not plugged in. This disproves the laws of thermodynamics.

Now, through modifications to the hard drive – as he says, he “suped up,” his famous 65kW unit and can now put out enough electricity to power 8,500 homes (to reiterate, eight thousand, five hundred homes).

How is that possible. Because Pete Sumaruck understands the minute workings of the hard drives he uses, to the extent, he is able to comfortably push the drive beyond previously determined limits.

“I know it better than the inventor of this hard drive. Nobody has discovered the potential of this computer like I have.”

What are the new advantages of this system. This kind of energy production is perfect for an entire neighborhood or a new home development. Once installed, the power is free…and can be scaled to supply many customers. With power for free, the only costs are for supply and support infrastructure.

Home in construction

For the homeowner or renter, their utility bill will be considerably less expensive – just a small service charge – and once set, the cost will be guaranteed. Why, because maintenance of the system is practically nonexistent. The energy user pays for the technology and installation spread out over a period of time.- no cost for the energy itself.

If you decide to sell your home, your home power system will be sold with your property – a great sales advantage to the new buyer. If renting or leasing, the new utility stays with the property.

What about the power provider – the entrepreneur who sets up each individual neighborhood system will need to set up a local transmission system as part of their initial office business expense.

Mr. Sumaruck has determined that the power provider will have a full return on their investment in one to five years, depending on the number of homes in their development – four or five hundred, or up to 8,500 homes…or, say, 500 units in one or several apartment complexes.

This would not be a radical change for developers. In many complexes, even now utilities are often included in the rent. With Pete’s system, the power cost rate would be fixed and would be considerably lower than other apartment complexes, or single home developments. This system would be a great incentive for an entrepreneur to start a new business and receive a quick return on their investment, but since home owners and renters would continue to pay their lower utility bills over the life of the building (30 years is the recognized duration of a new building, architecturally speaking), and be included in their mortgage or rental agreement, the developer would act as the power provider and would continue to receive the same compensation for their power.

What prompted Mr. Sumaruck to develop this consumer-developer power providing system.

This is not a co-op organization; utility co-ops are not structured to benefit the power consumer, leaving too much room for cost abuse and blatantly dishonest practices (Mr. Sumaruck has had personal experience with that).

At present, even when consumers attempt to be “green” about their energy uses, rates are escalating as we speak. Sumaruck’s new technology, makes high rates unnecessary, “Increases will not be allowed,” he says, “your rate is set at the day of hook-up.”

Current utilities need to use fuel to produce energy – there is a high cost. And/or, that company needs to purchase energy from another producer – more costs.

Current utility providers claim they need to do maintenance and pay for an infrastructure of employees, and as inflation raises, so do consumer prices, even if utility employees do not receive raises.

Current utility providers put the onus on the consumer – “the individual is not careful; they use too much energy.” Consumers are forced now to use a “Smart Meter” where your energy bill comes from the utility office and no longer “read” by a meter reader.

The truth is that electricity is abundant and unlimited. It is only the outdated technology and unscrupulous providers who make the consumer seem responsible for high costs and limited product.

With the Sumaruck system, the 65kW produces the power without fuel and is pollution-free. The new energy system is adjacent to the neighborhood, or placed conveniently, at the top of the building complex; electric power comes directly to the consumer, freshly made.

Gas explosion in San Bruno 2010

The Sumaruck system does not use flammable fuels or potentially hazardous substances, i.e. nuclear power. Remember the deaths and destruction in the residential neighborhood natural gas explosion in San Bruno, California, in 2010. A conflagration like this will not happen again.

no more power outages

Weather-related power outages will be a thing of the past – no heavy and dangerous power lines to fall on a home, or weighted down my trees.Is there a protection lockdown to benefit both consumer and developer from an abuse of this new system.

What would keep the new entrepreneur from obtaining one of Pete’s 65kW units, then go into the manufacture of these units. Because each interested party would buy their computer drive from Pete, and he will calibrate it specifically for this expanded energy ability. If the energy provider opened the sealed unit, there would be irreparable damage to the drive [making the drive unusable and impossible to copy].

This protects both the power consumer and the developer. The consumer needs to feel protected against rate increases and the developer will be handsomely paid, no need to change the arrangement.

Sales Advantages to potential entrepreneurs – Including ZAT (Zero-Amp Tech) utilities in a buyers’ (rental or leasing) package will be a great incentive for acquiring or building the property and will benefit in a property resale. As stated before, the utility provider’s investment will be quickly repaid and will continue to be an investment for the life of the property.

Eco-urban living, instead of urban and suburban – in many corporate developments, there are huge numbers of vacancies in office spaces and shuttered industrial facilities. This new electrical power disbursement system will generate a shuffling and redevelopment of vacant properties, bringing a revitalization of entire areas, entire states: Ohio, Michigan, New York State, West Virginia, Texas, etc. This revitalization will generate many new construction jobs, as urban sites can now spread out.

Electricity is in unlimited supply – Happily, our families’ generations will witness this “eco-urbanization,” of America, as the list of benefits goes on, all the while, including enormous cost savings for electrical power, and the individual corporate budget. And because electricity is in unlimited supply, the energy producer will not run out of product.

According to today’s interview, Mr. Sumaruck says “Petroleum companies need not apply (to be an energy provider – not accepted), and no utility corporate whores allowed,” he laughs, “unless they want to pay me some astronomical amount of money.”

Mr. Sumaruck also tells us, one of the reasons he can power a potential of 8,500 or more homes is that the only power going in (input energy is milliamps, that’s less than one amp, ergo zero amps) is the feed carried on two 20-gage doorbell-size wires, and that all components pass NEC code.

How do we know this system will work – because the U.S. government approved it when Pete Sumaruck designed a mobile power production system to power the entire Baghdad Green Zone, using a system of “slave generators” connected by the same tiny 20 gage wire and powered by one 50kW power production system.

More than just powering homes – This system of power production will create a bounty of new jobs, both skilled and unskilled as an immediate boon to the economy.

May 2011 – New factories will be developed to produce components as the circle of benefits enlarges. Manufacturing will return to America. Pete Sumaruck is adamant that products and components for ZAT power systems be completely made in America. This was Pete Sumaruck’ s belief in May of 2011. In this one year’s time, he has come to understand that his country does not agree with the concept of “Made in America.”

May 13, 2012, exactly one year later – If techno-builders world-wide decide to buy the licensing rights to Pete’s technology and implement this system of power disbursement, they will buy their supplies from their own suppliers.

As much as many would like production to happen in America, there are those who don’t want this to take place.

Encourage other countries – Mr. Sumaruck wants to encourage individuals in other countries to develop his technology; this is one in a list of applications to accomplish that.


Excerpt from a companion article: One Sumaruck 12kW Genset Can Power 1,300 homes

Less than a week after Peter Sumaruck made his May 11, 2011 announcement of the radically increased power capacity of his 65kW power production unit to power 8,500 homes, now Pete talks about his 12kW energy unit that can power 1,300 homes.

“No one ever considered the potential of this smaller size workhorse,” Pete says. “With the 12kW, that was enough power for a small building, but now I’ve recalibrated the drive, to make this giant power jump.”

Sumaruck hopes this will be added encouragement for entrepreneurial groups to get into powering communities of homes.

What is Mr. Sumaruck fighting here – it’s greed. He hates corporate greed; it makes him angry to see people cheated. When a utility doubles or triples its rates, or shows a flagrant overcharge, and when it adds extra charges and doesn’t give back promised refunds, the something needs to be done.

Utilities often claim the cost of power itself has increased – Pete Sumaruck proves that simply isn’t a valid excuse because electricity is actually free.

Power unit at work

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