Peter Sumaruck Announces Completion of 147 Teaching Seminars

Pete demonstrating his power production unit

Peter Sumaruck Announces Completion of 147 Teaching Seminars

Fri 02 Sep 2011 03:21 PM PDT – Article reconstruction due to pilfering of the Zero-Amp Technology website on Feb. 25, 2012

Power your home with electric energy created by you

Timing is all important – Peter Sumaruck works large and he makes a big statement. After a year of covert preparations, secret talks and training of his event presenters, Peter Sumaruck is making his announcement public.

Sumaruck says, “I was the bait while the guys got the real work done,” leading up to the seminar. Pete said close to a million dollars was spent in the preparations.

The above statement was made to me at the first of September, 2012, but it is just as true now as it was then – then, it related to teaching seminars, while now it refers to selling licensing rights, worldwide. Comment by Charlotte Wilson, May 14, 2012

Teaching seminars – Over several weekends in August, Mr. Sumaruck’s “buddies” blitzed the United States with 147 teaching seminars, all in different locations, demonstrating his monumental technology for creating energy. For security purposes, seminar guests were hand-picked – the events were by invitation only.

Each seminar proceeded as Sumaruck had planned: $500.00 per ticket, with each guest being prescreened for the all day event. Each of the attendees had their time up close to the various power units, from a 12kW, to a 65kW energy production unit as the presenter described the components, and how they work.

Each individual came away with the knowledge of what supplies are needed and how the unit is assembled. The disk drive is the only component that must come from Zero-Amp Tech design because of it’s complicated nature. If the individual decides to build one, or up to five power units per person, they were all in agreement that the disk drive would remain sealed, not to be opened.

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This benefits the builder by making the disk drive trouble free – the complicated calibrations of the drive will already be set. Now, anyone can build one of these power production units. This also protects Mr. Sumaruck’s intellectual property – if opened, the disk drive will self-destruct.

At each seminar, there was much talk among individuals over their electric utility bills – the astronomical increases and utility cost gouging everyone was suffering. This was why everyone was there – to significantly lower their electrical utility costs and witness this revolutionary technology in action.

As well as being able to build up to 5 units, each builder has the option to become their own power company by offering this technology to entire neighborhoods. The audiences were thrilled at the prospects – in that one day alone, 12,495 unit packages were sold.

From that first day, teams of trainers have been continuing to offer these seminars at undisclosed locations.

I personally want to thank all seminar instructors for their efforts and talents in making this such a success, and a special thank you for the respect and devotion all of you have given Pete Sumaruck – his many, so very many hours and energy into the inventor’s quest. This is the job he was given, and the world will know your good works. Comment by Charlotte Wilson

Why keep these initial seminars secret – This is a trillion dollar technology. Secrecy protects the safety of the  buyer/builder. With so many individuals building and using Zero-Amp Technology, single naysayers and U.S. Government harassment factions will not be able to contradict this technology.

Word of mouth has always been the most powerful avenue of information.

Please note to the public,  now in 2012, Mr. Sumaruck is no longer offering his U.S. seminars. Turning the corner to a new level, he is selling the licensing rights to his technology to countries worldwide, so they will be able to develop applications of Zero-Amp Technology.


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