Pete Sumaruck Sells Licensing Rights to 57 Countries – Number goes up to more than 150

Peter Sumaruck has sold the licensing rights for Zero-Amp Technology to 57 Foreign Countries. Important update – the number of sales of invention licensing rights worldwide has gone up to more than 150 – also important, Mr. Sumaruck refuses to see the rights for his technology to the U.S.

Tue 27 Mar 2012 12:41 PM PDT – Article Reconstruction – necessary changes were made after the original article was pilfered when the website was removed on Feb. 25, 2012.

As of March 27, 2012, the inventor, Peter Paul Sumaruck has sold the licensing rights for his invention, Zero-Amp Technology to 57 foreign countries for $3 million dollars each. Others may come onboard but today’s (March 27) count is 57 (check the final count). *

Mr. Sumaruck understands that $3 million is a very low asking price, but it is his belief that each development group will now be able to concentrate on their own financial efforts for building ZAT energy-driven industries in their own country. Zero-Amp Technology is designed for growth industries, and building of any size.

In it’s basic application, this technology lends itself to powering individual homes and because it is free energy, all people will be able to afford unlimited, non-polluting electric power – “to live by.” The only cost comes from the technology…whatever the licensee decides to charge for their power production units and applications.

We would presume that licensees will also be powering large buildings – apartment buildings, corporate offices, university campuses, and factories. In the near future, as you drive through a Silicon Valley-type complex in Europe or Asia, when you look around, every building you see will be powered by Zero-Amp Technology.

It will give you a warm feeling of satisfaction [or cool] knowing that weather-related power outages are now things of the past…and that the cost of all products produced should be going down in price because of Zero-Amp Technology.

It will be easier to live in this world because of Zero-Amp Technology…every human will benefit.

It had been Peter Sumaruck’s hope that his own country would have picked up his offer for the entire country – The United States of America – so that all Federal buildings could benefit from this huge cost savings in electric power, thus lowering taxes for all citizens.

Mr. Sumaruck told me he knows there is a law in the United States that requires that if our government wants to purchase an inventor’s technology, they must pay full market value – which in Sumaruck’s case would be trillions.

Pete said, “They know I wouldn’t charge them that much; years ago I offered it to them for $9 million, and I will hold to my word.” Mr. Sumaruck is amazingly patriotic, even after they have attempted to “remove” him (a euphemism for “murder”) more than 12 times, and they continue to “monitor” his communications, as well as writing nasty messages across his computer screen – oh, they stoop very low, even to sending a crop duster to strafe his home and neighbors in Jan. of this year. Last month (Feb. 25, 2012), his website was taken down, twice… 46 of my articles are gone (including this one). Article reconstruction was necessary.

Advice to the Government of the United States – Even though thousands of Pete Sumaruck’s power production units have now been built in the U.S., this government could still use his technology in so many different applications. Why not just politely accept this technology. Stop being the bad guys. Sumaruck’s technology is here; it isn’t going away and it will benefit everyone.

Now that so many individuals know about Sumaruck’s technology to countries around the world, as well as your next-door neighbor – this invention is no longer a secret – his technology is now common knowledge. Everyone is finding out about it, what it can do, how it can help their lives.

According to there 196 countries in the world. We are strong in Europe, South America and Asia.

Will the United States be the last country to acquire Zero-Amp Technology.


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