Pete Sumaruck is Not Allowed to Drive Down the Road

Constructing a power production system.

Pete Is Not Allowed – To Drive Down The Road

The Government of the United States does not want Pete Sumaruck to survive.

Senators Frank Church (D-Idaho) and John Tower (D-TX)

I thought that kind of thing –  assassinations went out (outlawed) when Frank Church made such an issue of it in Congress back in the 1970s.

Pete Sumaruck is interviewed by Charlotte Wilson:

Pete is a fine driver; he has driven race cars, to huge commercial vehicles – not a problem. His abilities are never in question in anything he does. He has always been very accomplished.

Mr. Sumaruck is a quick thinking problem solver, and he is inventive.

That’s just it. Pete Sumaruck is an inventor.

Creates Energy – Lightening, just as we know it’s there when it strikes through the sky, but you won’t know exactly how it works, Sumaruck does not invent or use lightning, but he does create energy…new energy, power never generated before, never used before. He does this without fuel and never produces any pollution.

They want to put an end to Peter Sumaruck – Pete is an inventor but the U.S. Government and in particular, the Department of Energy does not want him to drive down the road.

Why is that…because they want to put an end to Peter Sumaruck. They use vehicular harassment to attempt to convince him not to bring out his invention.

They should relax. Sumaruck has made it public that he doesn’t want to sell the licensing rights to the United States – he does not want to do business with the U.S. This should make them happy.

Power unit built army strong

Pete made his discovery in the late 1980s; by 1991 the U.S. Government knew about it, and began their harassment of him, from then to now, always vehicular assaults. At that time he would gladly have done business with the government in fact, he had deal  in 2004 with the Army to build a prototype – which he did build – of a power unit that would do away with the need and expense of diesel powered mobile generators in the field. He would have powered the ground war in Iraq for a huge saving of money and manpowr – lives saved.  But when the prototype was ready for mass production, the project was shelved by two Texas politicians.

“They had their chance; I gave them plenty of opportunity,” says Pete.

Pete has retired, now that he has sold the rights to his technology, Zero-Amp Technology, to seventy countries worldwide. He plans to go fishing; he can hardly wait. As information officer, I keep encouraging him. I have a wooden replica right here in front of me, I just measured it, 39 inches long with all its spots and shiny glass eyes – a beauty of a bass.

Pete says, “I don’t want to hear any more about this invention, no more talk about it…,” until he gets to go fishing. He is jaded, completely disinchanted in these people – that they do not want the best for their country. He shakes his head, how can it be.

Yes, yes, we understand why our government doesn’t want an actual solution to their many energy questions, climate change, energy costs, all of that…it’s too complicated for them to conceive of, and would be a great disappointment for the oil and nuclear industries. It’s a money thing for them.

“My technology can be scaled to power anything,” says Pete. He has proven this technology by powering homes; he especially enjoys powering buildings. He wants individuals to partake in the joys of being off the grid – why not.

This invention would do away with municipal energy costs. Trillions of dollars saved and a referse of global warming – no, no, we can’t have that. That would be too straightforward.

But none of those 70 foreign countries agree. They want it simple and straightforward; they want to decide how they will use this power-generating invention for their own individual advantages. And they get to do that. Down the line, if the United States wants the licensing rights to Zero-Amp Technology, they will have to buy it from one of those 70, or more countries, and I am sure it will be very expensive. That’s up each of to them.

“It’s out of my hands now,” says Pete.

It has been more than six months since the licensing rights agreements were signed; those deals are done. It should not bother the U.S. Government if Pete wants to retire and go fishing…but it still seems to. They still want to take him down.

At 2:30 AM, on July 22, 2012, Pete Sumaruck was the only passenger in what Arizona police said was the biggest vehicular accident on Interstate 40, in the history of the state. The press was there, the road was closed for 12 hours, the debris field stretched for over an eighth of a mile.

At first they said he rolled 3 or 4 times – his Dodge Laramie truck pulling a 30 ft. travel trailer – but now investigators say it must have been at least 8 times. No not a big fish story. There are 8 gigantic craters in the meridian. Pete passed by there again, exactly one month later – August 22 –  this time in daylight. He saw 8 craters along with a level of fine particles of debris layering the meridian.

“How did you feel, driving along there, to the day, a month later,” I asked Pete just yesterday.

“It was amazing…I remember one of those truck drivers who came running over to help me, he said they all saw my truck come up over the hill. The truck and trailer went up 20 feet in the air, rolling over and over. The trailer broke in two, everything everywhere, pieces flying. One guy had been in the Army; he said it reminded him of a battlefield in a village. The entire trailer shredded, it took 6 flatbed trucks to move the remains to the wrecking yard. You saw it in the pictures.”

“Yes,” I said, “just the metal frame with only the tires attached. Those tires still looked good but nothing else left.”

“I think I saw one bumper at the wrecking yard, the only piece intact. Some of pieces of shreds attached to wood, none of the aluminum siding – that vaporized. That trailer was practically new, less than 50 miles before that trip, the trailer was more than 30 feet long, nothing recognizable, (now).”

Is the United States Government responsible for Pete’s crash – we review the many reasons for speculation.

The next day, Pete was on his way back to Texas. Waiting for his ride at the Dallas airport, he got a call from a friend of his who is attached to the Pentagon, called to find out how he was doing. Everyone knew all about the crash – how was that possible.

I want to know if any of them felt a gulp of remorse over this.

“Lots of reporters were at the scene, I saw them, talked to them,” Pete told me, “but nothing in the papers or on TV, biggest accident in Arizona history on I 40 and no media attention – why was that,” Pete making a point.

He knows the government can do anything they want when it comes to the media.

Pete spent hours at the crash scene, his cell phone had disappeared, then some hours at the hospital, he got a message to only his family – how did the government know all this had happened. His Army friend said they watched Pete via satellite; saw the crash as it happen. How did they know to look unless his every movement is tracked.

A friend of Pete’s took him to get a rental car. As they left the agency with the car, his friend was a car’s length behind him when a black truck with lights off, ran a red light. The truck tried to hit Pete, but he has good reflexes and swerved to miss.

“Somebody is trying to kill you, (the ultimate understatement), I shrieked.

Up over the hill – Pete and I talk about the accident itself. First the police and then his insurance company ruled Pete was not at fault. The police told him there was no way he could have avoided the crash.

“I had the cruise control set at 65 mph. But starting over the hill, I looked down, I was going 75. I tried to slow down but the electric brakes weren’t working. The Laramie has that.”

“What do you mean,” I asked.

“Not just any Dodge truck. Has to be a Laramie. It comes with electric brakes for a trailer, computer tells the truck to slow down. That wasn’t working. The computer wasn’t working. And you know about the air bags – not a single one of the 14 airbags that old man put on that truck (only one former owner), not even the one in the glove compartment deployed. In the pictures, you can see how mauled the passenger side front tire was; that tire is barely on the rim. It took the blunt force each time the truck rolled and even that didn’t open any airbag.

“How could anyone have rigged it to fail,” I asked.

“They go to a Dodge dealership and request to borrow the computer – nobody is going to turn down a request from a Fed…surely they must be doing good for people, right?”

“When could they have had time to do it,” I asked.

“The road was uphill from the last point where I stopped for a rest. I didn’t need the brakes until that hill, west of Flagstaff. They had to have timed it very carefully. You know they were only a half hour off.


“The date – my sister told me later, it was the anniversary of our dad’s death…and the time of the crash was only thirty minutes off.”

Pete’s father died when Pete was only thirteen – he burned to death in one of those notorious Chevrolet Corvairs from 1962 – Ralph Nader’s Unsafe at Any Speed.

“They always pick vehicular assaults; they know what hurts me, what I really value – my dad.”

The miracle – how Pete could have lived through this crash…with everyone around asking, “Where’s the dead guy, the body.” Reports to first responders were that there were no survivors. On the scene, Police would point to Pete, “there’s the driver, the guy over there chain smoking.”

“Those propane tanks.”

“Yeah those propane tanks, they’re in one of the pictures. They had been in the trailer. They went flying out with everything else.

Propane tanks on the right.

I looked at the meridian; there they were, lying side by side, hardly damaged – now those should have blown, would have been a huge explosion. And that gasoline container I had in the back of the truck, it flew forward into the cab. The cap broke off…gas was running out. The trucker who was trying to get me out, he yelled through the window into me, he smelled gas; I smelled it too. He was really working hard to break in the glass to get me.

That group of truckers parked at the side of the highway, they saw Pete coming over the hill, saw him and suddenly rolling over and over, breaking up. When it came to rest in the meridian they ran over to try to help.

One “huge guy, 300 pounds, he told me things were still flying when he got there. I had a sledge hammer in the back of the truck. He told me ‘a hammer came flying through the air, landed in front of me.’ He picked it up. He could see me inside; the truck landed upside down; I was fighting to get free of the seatbelt. He started whacking at the driver’s window. He was really strong but so was that window. He told me to cover my face; he finally broke it in.

I was cutting at the seat belt, then he and I worked at the broken glass. Finally. My knife was even bent from all that – I gave it to the guy for a souvenir, we were amazed we could laugh,”…its like on a battlefield when you realize you have won.

“But then I had to crawl through the broken glass, lots of small cuts on my face. I didn’t know it, guess I was a mess of blood. The medic kept trying to put me in the ambulance; I kept telling him I was OK.”

Pete had two broken ribs and a lot of brusing, painful but he is fine.

“The gasoline never caught fire – amazing. The engine was still running. That truck never let up.”

In the pictures, you see much of the front of the truck looks unscathed. The engine was undamaged. I’m thinking I might buy a truck like­ that… and I don’t even want a truck. But now, that Laramie has a mystique – it can save your life.­

Pete told me that when it started to roll, he had a flash of memory when he was being trained in how to survive a helicopter crash – get down on the floor, hopefully near some support beam ……………..

Just now as I was writing this, I had a “Denial of Service.” Everything went black but with blue text this time. I told Pete about it. The message stated that it was happening to protect me from danger. Pete laughed, said I should tell them, thank you, but I have my own protection, I don’t need there’s…and that we are retired now so they don’t need to bother.

Back to getting close to a support beam – Pete scrunched down as far as he could, protected by the driver’s window post. That was the only part of the interior of the truck that survived.


In looking at the pictures, notice the window frame still standing. If Pete had people with him, passengers would not have survived. It is remarkable he made it.


The U. S. Department of Energy is still not allowing Yahoo Search, nor Google Search (as well as other search engines) to place this article, as well as other articles written and posted after July 16, 2012. In the past years, since 2008, when Zero-Amp Technology Inc. articles began appearing, news articles always appeared if a key word or the complete title was used as a link.

Websites in the blackout – as well a are the only websites effected by this blackout because both of these sites promote and encourage the inventor, Pete Sumaruck. It should also be noted that both of these websites were taken down by our “friends” in the government – “removed”  – on Feb. 25, 2012 and thus had to be replaced.


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