Pete Sumaruck Invites Steve Robinson to Turkey Shoot – $25,000 Prize

Pete Sumaruck Invites Steve Robinson to Turkey Shoot – $25,000 Prize

Invitation sent on July 16, 2012

Invitation To: Steve Robinson, onetime wannabe Navy SEAL

Invitation From: Pete Sumaruck, New Energy inventor and former civilian black op Navy SEAL-trained contractor


You are invited to participate in a “Turkey Shoot.”  The prize will be $25,000.00, with the winner keeping the loser’s weapon, as is customary.

Firing range location and date to be decided later.

Mr. Sumaruck says, “I will use a shooter’s piece left over from old times.”

The intention of this turkey shoot is to show how good a shot both of these former special op shooters are. Are they evenly matched. We shall see.

Pete is confident; he hopes Steve is also, and game for the event. It was more than two years ago that Steve Robinson (from Missouri) said in writing several times, he was going to come down to Texas, “I’m going to whip your ass,” to Pete, and Steve threatened to kill Pete more than once, in writing. But Steve never came. He did send two of his men down. Pete put both of them out using tae kwon do; both ended up unconscious, and both in the hospital.

Now, Pete would like to invite Steve to make an appearance and display his combat, SEAL-trained skills. “All SEALs went to shooter school,” says Pete.

In the event, no 50 caliber allowed, and 5.56 NATO ammo only.

Pete says, “A real SEAL never turns down a challenge!!! This will be a peaceful one; nobody gets hurt.”

Let the Turkey Shoot begin.


A turkey shoot is a “Competition Target Shooting With Shotguns”

Reply your acceptance to … See you there. The entire event will be filmed.