“…PESWiki” quoted as saying in 2008… “This could revolutionize all modern world technology.”

world Directory:Pete’s ‘Zero Amp’ Electronics – PESWiki is MOST PROBABLY BOGUS” …“This could revolutionize the entire infrastructure of modern society,” says PESWiki.

So said Sterling Allen, CEO of PESWiki – the New Energy news aggregate – as he commented on Pete Sumaruck’s electric power production systems technology, on November 24, 2008, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIlenmUONeU&feature=plcp  , a video produced by Ken Rasmussen(and his company, Commutefaster.com), but unfortunately taken down in 2009. Why would anyone do that since all of it was historic footage.

At my request – on Oct. 21, 2012, Ken reassembled a new copy even to include other scenes from the many hours he took during Pete Sumaruck’s demonstrations in his garage in Concord California, over a 9 day period in late Nov., 2008. These scenes are now inserted at the beginning – thank you so much, Ken, I really appreciate.

Ken “Leroy or Latenightleroy” Rasmussen is the principle videographer from his company at www.commutefaster.com/Energy2.html where readers find out what is really going on in the energy technology world, to include Leroy@commutefaster.com.

Pete is always filming – Pete was also filming, with two cameras inside his home and three in the garage.

Sterling Allen was not filming, nor were any of his employees. As a side note, no matter where Pete is, he is always filming – visual and audio – in any and all situations.

What makes Ken’s new rendition of the previously downed video, a true documentary is the display of the principle players, speaking their own words (no subtitles or erroneous edits): Ken’s face is up into the camera. To his right Dr. Steven Greer’s white T-shirt looms large (later in the video, Greer moves to the back in the video). Pete Sumaruck stands toward the back, wearing his usual white T-shirt and a baseball cap. Behind in the left corner is Pete’s sister, as a witness to the goings-on.

Motors run at an unheard of total efficiency – Ken introduces Pete, asks him to describe what’s going on here. Calmly, Pete explains, (the unit) “has single phase 60 cycle 240 volt, input is .05 milliamps on 33 gage toy airplane wire, powering 5 AC motors, 16.7 output. What we’ve got is 5 motors running for ‘0’ cost. If we plugged this into the house, it wouldn’t register anything, meters won’t read milliamps.

“This will bring about power generator systems for homes (and) commercial and industrial installations where they won’t need the power companies.” The garage crowd agrees.

“This is the highest energy efficiency I have ever seen,” says Ken Rasmussen.

“This is definitely a major breakthrough – Jim Dunn, in the blue shirt and a dominant figure in the room, is a proponent of fuel cell technology, nuclear and solar. He adds: “this is definitely a major breakthrough.” Dunn says he doesn’t know how Pete’s system attains such high output results … while next come the jokes about a lot mice on a tread or a couple of fat squirrels running.

“This could revolutionize the entire infrastructure of modern society” – In Ken’s video, Sterling Allen’s (CEO of PESWiki) comments continue, (there’s) “Certainly something going on here,”…and, “Input (power) is very low, .05 input (milliamps), 4 K (four thousand) output, that comes out to a COP of 70,000” To include, “This could revolutionize the entire infrastructure of modern society.”

Remember, Ken Rasmussen made this video; Sterling Allen was not filming.

The bribe – Why use the word “Bogus.” On Dec. 2 , 2008– after all those glowing comments on Nov. 24 – on Nov. 25, Pete Sumaruck refused to accept a $500,000.00 bribe from Sterling Allen.

On Nov.24, after Ken Rasmussen filmed Pete’s garage demo, the attendees all heartily agreed they would “share” the development of Pete’s technology…but Dr Steven Greer took Pete aside and offered him $26 million for the sale of his power unit design, and he would give him $300,000.00 up front to start the sale process.

Pete told Sterling about Steve Greer’s offer. Sterling replied that he was authorized to offer Pete $500,000.00 so that Pete would sell his tech to him (Sterling) and that he could have a government check for the $500,000.00 the following day – showing Pete his C.I.A. identification.

Individuals don’t readily speak of Sterling Allen’s earlier days…about his duties in the CIA, but he did flash his id. The theme of “C.I.A.” was further badinage, as Dr. Greer told the group he hated the C.I.A. because they had killed his partner.

Pete told both interested parties he would let them know.

Evidence on film – All of this is recorded on historic film footage from Pete’s numerous cameras. Pete was the only person filming, other than Ken. Pete did not hide his camera – they were all in plain view.

The following day, Pete told Sterling he had decided to go with Steve Greer, that he felt Greer would be more likely to take the technology to the general public.

Sterling Allen was angry, furious. As a side note, Sterling is known to his friends as “the weasel.” Very soon, Sterling Allen began a barrage of libelous articles using words like “Bogus.” Sterling is not happy looser. Sterling’s insulting articles continue to this day, where he takes an earlier article and adds negative and insulting comments below the article/video.

As it turned out, Dr. Greer did not emerge as a particularly better choice for the sale of Sumaruck’s intellectual property. Reason being, Steven Greer could not produce when payment was due…but Dr. Greer did not resort to insulting and libelous articles.

In fact, it is amusing that just this August 2012, Dr. Greer made several requests to Pete, hoping he would make donations to Greer’s new ventures.

Beyond Renewable – Oh yes, Sterling said Pete’s power production systems would “revolutionize the entire infrastructure of modern society,” but only if he (Sterling) could possess the technology. For some time, many people have been questioning Sterling Allen’s expertise in being a news aggregate for the New Energy movement, doubting Sterling’s ability to find the holy grail – Free Energy (power that is fuel free and pollution free).

Pete’s tech goes beyond renewable and sustainable because it is unlimited, fuel free and pollution free, and it produces virgin power – new electric power, produced right there on the spot, wherever and whenever you need it.

Why now – why has Pete Sumaruck chosen this time, this opportunity to “out” Sterling Allen. Pete can relax, he is retired, he has delivered his technology to the world. Pete can sit back and watch (and report) on New Energy successes (few) and failures (many).

Pete Sumaruck creates new electric power, but what does Sterling Allen do – now four years later, what has Sterling Allen actually accomplished – this topic will be covered in Volume 2Visit: “Pete’s ‘Zero Amp’ Electronics” – Says PESWiki “This could revolutionize the entire infrastructure of modern society.” – Volume Two

PESWiki CEO Sterling Allen creates a climate of no accomplishments and managed inventors. Why can’t Sterling Allen tell the truth?

Beyond Renewable – Learn more about this reality, in Volume Two.


Contact inventor, Pete Sumaruck and ask questions of Charlotte Wilson at Zero-Amp Technology:  cc.wilson2016@yandex.com