One Year Ago Today, Zero-AmpTech Website Was Taken Down, on February 25, 2012

Peter Sumaruck’s website Zero-Amp Tech, was maliciously “removed” one year ago today, on February 25, 2012.

“Remove” is a euphemism for “kill.” For the personal kill, on July 22, 2012, the FBI attempted to murder Mr. Sumaruck – a vehicular homicide but fortunately, Pete is alive and well, only a couple of broken ribs. Still, this attempt proves the FBI’s nasty side.

Pete’s Dodge Hemi Laramie

As far as removing the ZAT website, why would anyone or any group do that. The answer – to make life that much more difficult for the inventor and his company. Our government does not want Mr. Sumaruck to be successful with his technology breakthrough – Sumaruck creates new and unlimited free electric power, fuel-free and pollution-free.

A cowardly act – From the article written exactly one month after the take down and link below:, “Peter Sumaruck is the most acclaimed inventor of our generation.  Why would our ‘friends’ in our own government take down his Zero-Amp Technology website…twice – a cowardly and most egregious act.”

The day before the removal, there were more than 15,000 hits on the site. Site history was researched and after a particular hit went through several cities around the world, it appears to have been taken down by a U.S. listening post outside of Canberra.

As the information officer, I lost 46 of my article, which needed reconstruction, some entirely from scratch. During the process there was more sabotage with 20 article hardcopies stolen.

Federal crime to remove a website – Of course, we put the sit back up, this time as – you can visit the site and the article reporting on the take down: To reiterate, it is a Federal Crime to steal and take down a website.

It should be noted that Mr. Sumaruck’s original website was taken down in 2002. They are fond of harassment.

The truth is that the advance of technology cannot be stopped, postponed or hidden. Technology just does what it knows how to do – technology just keeps on keeping on. Hurrah for the truth.

Now one year later, Pete Sumaruck is able to disclose the names of some of the more than 100 countries that have bought the licensing rights to his technology. Check the list of countries on . in the sections: The Work Goes On and Applications.

The United States did not make the cut. Pete Sumaruck does not want to do business with the U.S. Instead of encouraging him they keep trying to kill him – 18 attempts on his life.


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