New Attempted Vehicular Homicide – Pete Sumaruck is not injured

New Attempted Vehicular Homicide – Pete Sumaruck is not injured

“Peter Paul Sumaruck is the most acclaimed inventor of our lifetime. His invention creates unlimited new electric power without the use of fuel, and produces no pollution whatsoever. Mr. Sumaruck has more than 30 patents pending, thus showing the U.S. Patent Office acknowledges that Sumaruck’s invention does not incorporate perpetual motion.” A quote from

On April 19, 2013, Pete Sumaruck was involved in a vehicular crash in Contra Costa County, California.

Mr. Sumaruck was only going 10 miles an hour when the driver in front of him stopped abruptly. Even though the crash occurred at low speed, the lead car sustained considerable damage to the passenger side rear.

Pete said, “If I had been doing 40, I would have gone through my windshield. Something told me to slow way down. I watch out…I follow the speed limit, whatever is necessary.”

For the past couple weeks, Pete has been noticing drivers stopping short in front of him for no reason…this scenario happened often enough to snag his attention. Pete loves to drive – he has participated in competition racing, and in the past has collected a variety of Classic vehicles.

Sumaruck has driven across the country hundreds of time, most recently seven months ago from Texas when he was moving back to California – Pete had homes in both states. In Texas, he was building his energy production systems. During those many years of cross-country driving he has only had two vehicle crashes: the recent incident on April 19, and another on July 22, 2012.

Last July, Pete Sumaruck was, driving his Dodge Hemi Larami, and pulling a 36 foot trailer. Just west of Williams, Arizona on I 40, he reached the top of a hill, when he realized the electric brakes on the trailer were not working. His Dodge Hemi’s brakes were operating, but there was no stopping the trailer. The two units became airborne, rolling over and over, slashing eight craters in the highway meridian. The top of the truck was leveled but the engine was still running – this should be a commercial for Dodge trucks.

Pete’s July 22, 2013 Dodge Hemi Laramie crash.

Amazingly, Pete Sumaruck survived, against all odds. In the initial call, paramedics were told they would be retrieving a body, but as they arrived, there was Pete standing at the scene, smoking a cigarette. He had been trapped inside the truck, but a bystander with the help of a sledge hammer – which had flown out of the bed of Pete’s truck – pulled him from the wreck.

Pete Sumaruck was not finished with life.

Law enforcement officers filed their reports stating that Sumaruck was not at fault – the trailer’s electric brakes failed, but also, none of the 14 airbags deployed, not even the driver’s windshield airbag.

From a variety of collected evidence, it was determined that the FBI in Waco, Texas was responsible for the crash – the July 22 crash was not an accident. In order to turn off both the trailer’s electric brakes, and the 14 airbags, a specialized computer must be used, and only the FBI can demand that computer. It has been documented that the FBI visited a local Dodge dealership, and requested to use that computer, the day before Pete passed through Flagstaff.

Pete Sumaruck accused the Waco FBI of attempted murder.

While his beautiful Dodge Larami and new 36 foot trailer were a complete loss, he could still find consolation – he still had his 1964 Dodge truck, perfectly restored and worth $150,000.00.

Why would the Federal Bureau of Investigation be committing crimes, instead of focusing on crime solutions.

The answer – since 1991, when Pete Sumaruck went into the Atlanta office of the FBI to tell them about his invention – zero-amp technology – various factions of the Government of The United States decided they did not actually want to stop climate change. They do not want to discover truly clean energy – oil, natural gas and nuclear are too lucrative…and coal is out of the question.

Since 1991, our government has been on a campaign – not to champion Pete Sumaruck as a hero for bringing us unlimited clean electric energy – but to attempt to murder him, 18 attempts on his life…oh, sorry, 19 attempts on his life – 20 if you count poisoning him with the drug Propofol on March 28, 2013.

Dodge Classic 64, before the crash.

After April 19, Pete’s Dodge Truck does not show off as well as it did on April 18.

At 10 miles an hour, Pete hit a late model Toyota Solara. Both drivers stopped and exchanged information. The lady told him she was a nurse, and, “She very sweet,” said Pete, “She wasn’t upset at all, not nervous – the rear of her car was a mess…and she wasn’t angry or upset in any way. I thought that was very strange.

“I told her we should call the police; she said no. That was odd. She said no, that her husband would take care of it. She gave me her phone number and I gave her all my information – license, insurance. She could have been a fed and this was a setup; if she had given me her license, it would have said she worked for the government, and if the police had arrived, they would have looked at her license, or cited her for not having one.

“She said to me, ‘I’ll call my husband…oh, I don’t have a phone…could I use your phone.’ I said sure, but think about it, what woman, especially a nurse wouldn’t have a phone.”

Pete doesn’t believe her, especially when the woman didn’t contact her insurance company for several days. As Pete says, “Insurance companies answer every day, even on weekends.

“You know, I tape and film everything… so I have her info – all I need.” Pete has learned to protect himself. He is very capable.

“I got down, examined the truck, the brakes. The metal tubing was bent… so it would rub against the axle, wear a hole, and it did. You could see the bent tubing, strong steel, but it would take them less than five minutes to do this.

“Today, I bought a new master cylinder. The other one was put on new 7 months ago so it wouldn’t have bent by itself. New brakes don’t go out.”

Pete estimates the damage to his two trucks and the trailer at $280,000.00, “Blame the damn feds – they did this to me.”

“Is the truck drivable,” I asked.

“I’m going to put new break lining in it today, but it’s not drivable. Can’t shut driver’s door; the frame is bent. But I got the hydraulic shit to fix the frame.”

“Now those mother-f…ers will be looking for my motorcycle – trying to kill me.”

April 20, just as he thought, we hear from Pete that someone has been in his backyard, tampering with his motorcycle. The tires were rigged to blow out at high speed, and the brakes were damaged.

“It’s the front wheel,” he says, “you can see a knife slice on the brake lining. That motorcycle had been completely restored, like new – I haven’t put more than a hundred miles on it…102 horse,” he likes it…a lot.

What’s the point, why all this destruction, why attempt to make Pete Sumaruck miserable…that isn’t going to stop his technology. Technology just keeps rolling forward.

“These people are scum…chicken-shit cowards – traitors to their country.”

Everyone asks, when will this harassment stop.

Pete Sumaruck is not going anywhere. He is staying on… to drive another day. Now that his technology will be developed throughout the world – with more than 100 licensing rights sold worldwide – but not in the United States. Pete will not give them that satisfaction.


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