Naysayers Have the Problem – Peter Sumaruck and Zero-Amp Technology, Inc.

Naysayers Have the Problem – Peter Sumaruck and Zero-Amp Technology, Inc.

Naysayers Have the Problem – Peter Sumaruck and Zero-Amp Technology, Inc.

Fri 22 May 2009 08:53 PM PDT – Article Reconstruction – Videos and URLs may not apply due to pilfering of the Zero-Amp Technology website on Feb. 25, 2012

The following is an interview with Leslie R. Pastor who studies new energy advancements and developments and is convinced that Peter Sumaruck’s technology is the most important invention since Nikola Tesla’s Alternating Current. Mr. Pastor’s interview appeared in Peswiki as an article but is no longer available. We offer it here in its entirety.

Leslie R. Pastor is a graduate of Seton Hall University; he is an educator and member of the New Energy Congress since 2005. Peswiki is a website dedicated to the exploration and expansion of new energy inventions and development.

Leslie Pastor says: “As a member of the New Energy Congress, I’ve become privy to some rather interesting technologies, technologies, I might add, that do not fit the established mold, and frustrate the hell out of ordinary Electrical Engineers. They’ve fallen into the trap provided by the ‘control’ groups, who absolutely do not want such technologies to come into the mainstream. For if it did, then the entire existing present paradigm of control would be wiped away, and a new age of limitless freedom would prevail. Hence the deliberate obfuscation of the facts.

“Pete Sumaruck’s Zero Amp Technology absolutely (fundamentally) works! The history (Pete Sumaruck’s) of the invention speaks for itself, and is self-evident. What is needed are eyes that see’ and ‘ears that hear.’

“Fortunately, the new paradigm, of limitless (abundant) free energy is right around the corner, complete with the appropriate ‘physics’ paradigm that would adequately explain the phenomenology in greater detail.

“Electrical Engineers need to restudy their physics completely from our modern physicists. for they have ultimately defined ENERGY in a more precise definitive value. They (EE) need to familiarize themselves with such notables as: Ilya Prigogine; Victor I. Klimov; Myron W. Evans; Stanford R. Ovshinsky; T. D. Lee; Yakir Aharonov; Terence W. Barrett; Randell Lee Mills; Gabriel Kron; David Bohm; Sir Roger Penrose; J. D. Jackson; William Tiller; and last but certainly not least, Daniel L. Solomon.

“Essentially, what is needed is a marriage/merger of “novelty of fact” physicists with electrical engineering. Only then will we be able to progress into the ‘free energy’ of the 21st Century.

“Members of the New Energy Congress, initially, went to see Pete Saugatuck’s ‘novelty of fact’ device (in the garage demos of Nov. 2008), and became enthused and amazed at the apparent output of his ‘genset.’

They subsequently had difficulty reconciling their findings, with the known ‘energy’ output, so they began to backtrack, and became skeptical, regarding their initial observations. In essence they refused to believe their first impulse, hiding behind their own specific ‘knowledgebase’ of acceptable ‘science and electrical engineering.’ They refused to believe what they had experienced, and subsequently, retracted their previous statements. Having cold feet, they succumbed to ‘cognitive dissonance,’ relying upon their accepted science and physics training.

“Zero-Amp Technology is probably the most important rediscovery since Nikola Tesla. and established the Alternating Current Paradigm, and was murdered for attempting to provide it for FREE worldwide.

“The Naysayers cannot sweep this invention under the rug, primarily, due to the fact, that, Pete already has a significant Zero Amp Technology device, that already works, on the property of H. Ross Perot, and in his own possession. This information was sent to me surreptitiously, by one of Pete’s Navy Seal buddies, and confirmed by the skilled film footage of (Major) Todd C. Hathaway who was present filming this important information. The evidence is mounting up in Pete’s favor.”

Thank you again, Leslie Pastor. Thank you, Peswiki.


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