Lab Rat Rebellion – Petition for a Moritorium on GMO Products

Lab Rat Rebellion Petition – Event on Ashland, OR Plaza –

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LAB RAT REBELLION – We demand a Moritorium on GMO Products

Petition to the Federal Government of the United States of America demanding a Moratorium on approval of any and all genetically engineered products until the evidence of GE harm can be studied as to the safety of these products and systems.

For wording of the Moritorium, please refer to the final section ***

Lab Rat Rebellion Event on Ashland, OR Plaza –

A variety of groups gathered on the Ashland Plaza on Saturday, May 23, 2015. The date was chosen by the Chamber of Commons Organizing Committee in solidarity with the World Wide March Against Monsanto and the annual March for Food Freedom.  Due to the ever-expanding number of patents for GMO products, the Chamber of Commons group, led by Catie Faryl, wanted to go beyond marching and take direct action by demanding a “time out” on all genetic engineering patents lined up for approval at federal agencies.

There are deep concerns about the advent of genetically engineered trees for our forests and fields, manipulations on mosquitoes without regard for the food chain or other consequences, the increase in number of vaccines and their contents,  and 30 new seed and crops patents pending.  Genetic engineering is crossing species’ boundaries established by nature and GE patents are allowing corporations to own and change pieces of the natural world in order to sell back to the people tainted products at higher prices. Science, ethics and economics all require further scrutiny, thus the Moratorium Petition to invoke the Precautionary Principle of Do No Harm, and allow time for reason and the consensus of WE, The People to be taken into account.

We are here on this beautiful spring day, May 23, on Ashland Plaza, as we speak to groups and participants, listening to their beliefs and values connected to a common theme of community action to protect our health, our food, a safe environment, and a high quality of life for our community, families and friends. Let’s go down and mingle – hear what they have to say.

Pollinator Projector – We spoke first to Kristina Lafever, who was instrumental in achieving last May’s landmark big win election to stop the invasion and growth of GMO farms in Jackson Co., is now active in Pollinator Project Rogue Valley. Her advice is to put in pollinating plants; don’t use chemical pesticides and create a year-round forage habitat (an excuse to “have a messy garden,” bees like it that way). Kristina is a wise woman.

Our tree in danger.

Our tree in danger.

She told us (and at the recent city council meeting) about the ground swell of support to save the huge 200 year old cottonwood tree on Clay St. from the ax. It seems cottonwoods are super-pollinators, and “Hope” (the tree’s name) is the best producer in the county. “This tree works for her living” – it is up to us to keep her alive.

Voices speak to us – Everyone is interested in a nonpolluting, nontoxic environment. We were given a handout for a list of 10 Homemade Organic Pesticides. Nancy Nelson, the author of the Eco Community Newsletter, and champion signature-collector for GMO Labeling, says she stands in solidarity with the March Against Monsanto. Peggy Elterman was an active campaigner for GMOfree and the Labeling Bill. She told us, “People stand up and unite to take action, like in the 60’s. If we don’t, things won’t change.”

“Starting the petition here in Southern Oregon makes perfect sense,” says neighbor, Kindler Stout. “May it travel across the continent like the greatest snowball yet.”

It’s raining aluminum – We all know about Monsanto’s attempt to convince the world to use their aluminum and pesticide-resistant seeds … but they are of no benefit, no advantage. Similarities between Geo and Bio-engineering,  Now we find that aluminum is raining down on us through aerosol spraying. Aluminum poisons life. It dries the life out of living things, and changes the weather.

Southern Oregon Blue Skies Project wants this poisonous spraying to stop. Included in the aluminium aerosol is a cocktail of barium, strontium and thorium – thorium into our air, water and soil. Blue Skies wants to educate the public, and “clear the air”.

Fibers coming out of a scab on a Morgellons skin lesion.

Fibers coming out of a scab on a human  Morgellons skin lesion.

SoBlueSkies also offered an info-flyer on Morgellons disease – showing we are true “Lab Rats” since this dis-ease has been propagated by poisonous aerosol sprayed “pesticides.” …

Southern Oregon for Medical Freedom promotes parental rights and medical freedom – they say medical decisions should not be coerced, believing every parent should have the right to decide if, how and when to vaccinate their children. Too many vaccines, too soon, are being given to America’s children. “Let’s use the Precautionary Principle.” Representative Liz Schmidt.

We’re Moms Across America – At the table closest to the mic, Jasna told us, “We’re unstoppable …  we’re a national coalition of moms and friends. Empowering, educating millions about GMOs, poisonous pesticide, GMO labeling, we want to raise awareness for organic solutions.”

Bellview Green Grange – We spoke to Archie Koenig representing the Bellview Grange. He told us about how they promote themselves as a “Green Grange,” organic and sustainable farming throughout our area, and are currently in a membership drive.

Soon he and his people were performing a short play, called, “The Bees’ Knees” showing what might take place if Archie, as the super salesman, would try to convince beekeepers to use robot bees. They aren’t sold; they end the play with, “… (you can) take your wanna bees with you.”

Showing the way to a Vegan Lifestyle – Donna Benjamin stepped up to the mic to speak about caring for the health of the planet. She educates people on vegan lifestyles, and her husband Al is a vegan chef. Faithful members of Moms across America and local group Families for Food Freedom shared literature on health, shopping locally and avoiding GMOs pesticide-saturated products.

The Red Earth Descendents – the organization of Native Americans – were present at the event to tell everyone about their 20th Annual World Peace and Prayer Day, June 18-21, at Howard Prairie Lake – offering 4 days of ceremonies, workshops and performances. … Fundraising activities for that event have been shared by Pachamama Alliance, local chapter of Bioneers, Bellview Grange and Jackson Wellsprings.

Recognized spiritual leader of the Lakota, Dakota and North Nakota Sioux Nations, Chief Arvol Looking Horse tells us, “We must comprehend in each of our hearts and minds the two ways we human beings are free to follow, as we choose the good way, the spiritual way – or the unnatural way, the material way. It is our personal choice.”

Navajo, Patricia Davis spoke about World Peace and Prayer Day and attorney Eric Sirotkin of Umbutu Peace Foundation gave an inspiring speech on activism.

Members of the event’s organizing committee presented a skit called “You Are What You Eat” where members wore large painted cardboard characters of vegetables; each took turns delivering a rhyme – this drama was offered twice in the afternoon. Then Danny Gregg put his head in a cardboard TV set, and delivered the “nightly” GMO news.                  .Danny Gegg, wearing a cardboard TV, doing nightly news on GMOs

Move to Amend – We’re talking to Dave Hyde from Move to Amend; he says, “We have to take back our Democracy, liberty to choose, liberty to choose because of international corporations – wake up America. We need majority support.” Move to Amend is working to change the U.S. Constitution so “Money is Not Speech and Corporations are Not People”.

Work with your local government –  We were all happy to listen to Ashland City Council member Carol Voison offer her helpful suggestions. She wants us (activists) to op for bravery; go right into a City Council meeting and speak our minds. She suggests a boycott of GMO foods. Lobby local government; work with State and Federal Government. But buy local (food). And keep writing those Letters to the Editor. Thank you, Councilwoman Voison.

A sunny day was had by all … plus everyone agreed to do this community-speak-up event more often.


Moritorium Petition …

We, the People, demand the Federal Government (including the White House, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Senate, the Federal Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture) to immediately enact a Moratorium on approvals of any and all genetically engineered products until a thorough study of potential dangers can be completed and proof given of the safety of these products and systems.

This Moratorium will include, but will not be limited to, GE Salmon, GE crops and seeds, GE Trees, GE vaccines and genetic engineering and in vitro experimentation on human and animal embryos.

We, the People, hereby invoke the Precautionary Principle, “DO NO HARM” and ask our leaders to join us in action to stop the proliferation of genetically engineered products being allowed by government patents granted to corporate chemical biotech companies.


Article Text by Charlotte Willson of, and ,from the Chamber of Commons