Killer Accident – Pete Sumaruck Survives

Killer Accident – Pete Sumaruck Survives

Pete Sumaruck Survives Largest I 40 Accident in History of Arizona


Writer, Charlotte Wilson interviews Pete Sumaruck

Char – Pete, tell me what happened.

Pete – Very dark out there – 2:15 in the morning (July 22, 2012). I could feel the trailer moving around – something was wrong. My truck breaks were working, but not the electric brakes for the trailer. Things started to twist. I was flying.

I remember thinking, “I’m not going to die; I know I am not going to die.”

Flashed through my mind. I remembered how they taught us to survive a Huey crash. Get down on the floor, as close to a support beam as possible, be as small as you can. We crashed two of them for training. The rotor blades spray out shrapnel when you hit the dirt but you wore body armor.

Not in this crash. But now I went down on the floor, wedged in the door frame. It worked.

There was a group of truckers having a break at the side of the road. I’m rolling on toward them they said. My truck came to a stop in the meridian upside down. Fortunately those guys weren’t hurt. The men came running across to help. One great big guy had a sledge hammer in his hand.

He told me later that the sledge hammer came flying through the sky. It landed ten feet in front of him. He grabbed it.

He was at my window, calling to me. I was hanging upside down, trying to get free. He told me to cover my face. He started whacking at my window. A long time to break enough glass; he said 25 minutes. I was fighting to get my pocket knife out. Got it. I’m trying to cut myself out of the seat belts.

None of the 14 air bags inflated.

I could smell gasoline. The guy said, “We have to get you out; I smell gas.” That was one hell-of-a guy who helped me. I’m grateful.

We’re fighting. We make it. I’m out…

There was only one part of the truck that remained and that was where Pete was.

The first thing I wanted was a cigarette. Someone handed me one. A cop came over, told me to put it out – gruff. I screamed at him – used my best f… words. Told him I just survived a horrible accident – all the horrific things I have been through in my life – nobody is going to tell me I can’t smoke; I turned away. He came after me, apologized, he was actually very nice, a good guy, said he understood.

Char – everybody’s nerves are shot, even min, just listening to you tell it (and now, writing it later; I’m shaking). It’s human nature, all of it.

Pete – Three fire trucks arrived. They were there with the jaws of life, looking for a corpse, asked where the dead guy was. On their radios, they were told I was dead. A highway patrol officer points over to the side, “That’s him, the short skinny guy.”… “Over there chain-smoking. Does anyone have any coffee; he wants a cup of coffee.”

Pete – I want to tell you that I packed my sledge hammer in the back, in the bed of my truck, with stuff covering it, and the tonneau over everything. That hammer flew through the air, landing at the guy’s feet.

We found out later, the leaking gas was from a plastic container for spare gas I kept in the back of the truck. It broke loose … through the broken back window – that’s how the gas got in. The gas line in the truck did not break.

It was a great truck, obviously strong, dependable, like a good friend – Dodge Hemi Laramie. All the amenities – leather seats, ha.

I was walking around but they put me on a gurney, asked how I felt. I didn’t want to lie down, “I’m OK, my side hurts, that’s all. You tell the doctor I want a cup of coffee.”

When we’re at the hospital, they’re transferring me from their gurneys at the hospital; I tried to get up; they wouldn‘t let me, they rolled me in…I see a guy in a white coat – the doctor – he was beaming from ear to ear…with a cup of coffee in his hand for me. He congratulated me for being alive, he said, “We had three other big accidents tonight; you’re the only one alive.”… “They called us, told us someone could see you still inside the cab, upside down; they said you were dead.”

The Highway Patrol told me this was the biggest accident Arizona had ever had – mine took the record, they said. The debris field was 1/8th of a mile long and 300 meters diameter. My skid marks ran a ¼ of a mile long. Nobody had seen anything like it. Both lanes of the highway were closed for 12 hours.

My 30 foot new travel trailer – less than 50 miles on it before this trip – was in shreds. Some of it vaporized.

When it was daylight, I found the truck was full of dirt – each time the truck rolled over, it scooped up dirt. At the wrecking yard a guy showed me a huge pile of dirt, he said, “that’s got to be at least 300 lbs. I took that out of your truck.”

Link to for a massive 26 photos of the accident.

Pete – I believe our government is responsible for this accident. My sister brought up the fact that this accident happened on the anniversary of my dad’s death, only 20 minutes of difference in the time.

All the attempts on Pete’s life – numbering 17, now – have been vehicular. His father died in a faulty Chevy; he burned to death…these people want to torture Pete.

Pete again – You know, the next day, I flew back to Dallas, rented a car. A couple of blocks away from the rental office, a guy in a dark truck ran a stop sign, attempted to hit me. His lights were turned off, but my buddy following me saw the guy.

He didn’t hit me; I swerved, only nicked a mirror on a pole – slight damage to the mirror and none to the pole – glad I have good reflexes.

Char – Somebody is trying to kill you.

Pete – You think (a not-so smile).

Yesterday, I was out in a parking lot. I came back to the car, the rear view mirror was at an angle. Someone had been in my car.

Pete – My vehicles has been tampered with 6 times just this year, 2012. These people are crazy. I have a right to be alive. They don’t get to decide these things.

A couple of days ago Pete was driving down the road in his Dodge 64 Classic truck when he saw blue smoke pouring out – 8 quarts of oil out on the road. He found that someone had sliced off the cap on the rubber boot on the oil pan. “That’s a race engine” he screams.

Pete – It took eleven cans of carburetor cleaner to remove that shit.

Char – Malicious intent, attempted homicide, again and again.

Pete – Yeah…the truck tampering has to be those guys up the street – only 2 cars this time since I got back from my trip. Usually it’s 7 to 15 cars, but just before I left, the count went down to 2. They knew I was leaving. I took pictures of them.

I go out and stand in front of the place and take pictures. I let them see me. It’s no secret.

Pete kept a logue of the number of cars in and out of that place – who and what, we can only speculate, but they do show a lot electrical equipment on the place.

We believe that this recent serious accident was perpetrated by DARPA and the Departmenet of Energy. They really hate Pete. He said just yesterday, “What is it; why do they want to kill me. So I have this great technology. It’s a big country; there should be plenty of room for all of us.”

Char – Room for their technology too; they can go on about their work – why not just leave us alone.

Pete – The only two groups who could possibly want me dead are either Steve Robinson or DARPA.

Or both.

In times past, we have made fun of DARPA and Steve Robinson fingerphucking dolphins – how Steve met DARPA. Steve did train with dolphins and DARPA did work there. But we’re just joking about the sexual connection. I have been told, by State Department people, that they don’t have much of a sense of humor.

But then, there is nothing funny about murder. It’s the ultimate vigilante.

Pete – Isn’t it strange, my accident never appeared on the news, no film coverage, no radio – the biggest accident in the history of I 40.

Our government stops the news. They don’t want people to know. And they are so mad I am still alive.

I’m just a nice guy trying to do good for my country – they really hate me for that.


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