Inverse Climate Change

Inverse Climate Change – The process begins

Inverse Climate Change
Using the science of Zero-Amp Tech, climate anomalies will stabilize and return to a normal level. That’s a skip of a hundred years backwards, for industrial skies, earth, glaciers and land masses. We can’t reverse erosion, but we will now stop being enemies of the earth.

Fuel is optional – Get used to it – It is time to adjust to the new world where fuel is optional – perhaps a fire in the fireplace for ambiance, but an entire home (and an entire city) heated, cooled and powered by fuel-free electric power, without creating any pollution.

All buildings can now be powered on site, with new and unlimited electric power, any time, anywhere, without battery storage of power. Power storage for the military is unnecessary.

This is Zero-Amp Technology and it is not for sale in the U.S., due to the hostile attitude of the American government since 1991 when inventor, Peter Sumaruck went to the FBI to offer his technology to his country – he mistakenly thought it was his patriotic duty. He was greeted by 18 attempts on his life.

Over the past year, Mr. Sumaruck and his group has sold the licensing rights to more than 100 countries worldwide.

In future articles, topics for discussion will be: Inverse Climate Change; Inverse Economics; Expanding a New Infrastructure; Increased Employment – through Zero-Amp Technology Application Development.

Fracking is past tense – A frack, fracking, to frack, fracked – these are all past tense action words. The question of whether fracking is harmful to people, animals and underground water has been solved…  fracking is unnecessary…because natural gas is unnecessary. Oil shale can remain in the ground because harvesting it is unnecessary. There is more than enough oil for our needs.

Water more valuable than oil – Since we don’t need oil for fuel, the question now turns from the misuse of the world’s most valuable commodity – water – to the science of water supply and use development – not just water management, but water supply development

And more than anything, Nuclear is not necessary. You know it, we all know it.


Pete Sumaruck says, “It’s not that I hate Nuclear Power – it’s just that nuclear power is unnecessary.” We can’t go back but we will move forward without nuclear.

Countries claim their nuclear is only for peaceful applications. That’s laughable. Now since nuclear power plants are unnecessary, everyone knows they just want to threaten the world with a bomb. “Peaceful applications,” remember when Iran professed that…no one believed them. Impossible credibility.

Unsanitary Oceanfill – Let’s talk about applications of this technology. Power ships without nuclear, without fuel and dispose of ocean refuse with ZAT technology – before we begin to call it “Unsanitary Oceanfill.”

Be creative, let your mind flow, how can Zero-Amp Technology change the world – what can it do for you.

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