Inventor, Pete Sumaruck Names the Names – Person responsible for his attempted murder

Inventor, Pete Sumaruck Names the Names – Person responsible for his attempted murder

Sumaruck says that person is FBI Special Agent Fred Rhea from the Waco, Texas office.

On June 22, 2012 Pete Sumaruck was traveling on U.S. Interstate 40, heading west, between Williams, and Flagstaff, Arizona. It was very early morning, very dark. He was in the process of towing his 36 ft. travel trailer from Texas to California, and driving his Dodge Hemi Laramie – great truck, lots of power, leather seats, plus this truck saved his life.

Pete had the cruise control set at 65, but as he got to crest of the hill, the speedometer registered 75 mph. The truck brakes were operable, but the trailer’s electric brakes were not working even though they had been checked that day.

Sumaruck could feel the truck and trailer rising, airborne – witnesses reported 20 ft. or more off the ground. Pete couldn’t tell how many times he rolled, when he was in the middle of it, but when he traveled the same strip of highway a couple of months later, there were 8 craters dug deep into the dirt meridian, one for each time his truck rolled. The trailer broke in two, disintegrating both inside and out, making a debris field 1/8th of a mile long – what the police said was the largest accident in the history of Arizona along I 40.

For more details of the crash, see:

The only part of the truck remaining solid and in place was the driver’s side window frame protecting Pete. God and that Dodge Hemi saved him.

A large compliment of police photos, can be found at the end of this article, and also in the following:

When Pete purchased this particular Dodge Hemi, it was only two years old and had come equipped with a special order, 14 airbags. In the accident, none of these airbags deployed, not even the front windshield bags. Airbags are computer generated, as are electric trailer brakes.

FBI agent responsible – The only way to disconnect airbags and electric brakes is to physically change the parameters of the master computer. Pete has been told that only the FBI could walk into the Dodge dealership to demand access to the master computer… and Waco, Texas FBI office special agent Fred Rhea was responsible.

Why would Officer Rhea do such a thing.

Attempts on Pete’s life have been happening, ever since Pete first went into the FBI building in Atlanta, to tell them about his breakthrough technology. Over a period of 21 years, there have been more than 12 attempts on Pete Sumaruck’s life… merely because he wanted to offer free unlimited fuel-free and pollution-free electric energy for the betterment of his country. He believed it was his patriotic duty to give his country first chance at his Zero-Amp Technology.

Pete has been to the FBI office in Waco several times to request protection – the mandate of the agency has always been to protect citizens from crimes that break Federal laws. For the most part, the attempts against Mr. Sumaruck’s life have been vehicular – except when a crop duster repeatedly (for over 40 minutes) strafed his Texas home, and neighbors, back and forth, flying 20 ft. off the ground.

Fred Rhea turned a blind eye to Pete’s complaints, answering with placations, and how Rhea was a Born-again Christian (like Pete), which had nothing to do with the harassment against Pete. “Hell yes, Rhea was told to say that, Born-again, my ass,” says Pete. “He’s a ‘f…ing’ baby-killer,” this from the reputation the Waco FBI has for “The Waco Massacre” of 1993 when the FBI was responsible for murdering 81 individuals including 27 children.

Note, if you google the words, “Waco FBI,” you will find 410,000 items, most referring to the “Waco Massacre.” is the first listing.

But why Fred Rhea… because intel came back with Rhea’s name as the perpetrator.

Building in lockdown – This past summer, Pete and his sister went into the FBI building in San Francisco – again, he wanted to ask for their help, “they are public servants; we pay their salaries.” After going through X-ray and metal detectors, they were directed to the appropriate office, but they heard over a loudspeaker, that the building was now in “Lockdown.” No one was allowed in after them.

They proceeded as directed, to an office where there was a glass window with an open slot for passing in a document. As Pete and his sister stood there waiting they could hear the clerk through the open space in the window, “He’s here; he’s right here in the lobby.”

Now in the office, he explained to a flummoxed young male agent the problems of harassment he was having. The agent was incapable of answering him in any reasonable way; he flustered and appeased without substance. Frustrated again, now Pete was swearing like a Captain’s Mast, while the FBI agent never wavered in his inabilities.

Pete is only partially amused by the FBI’s paranoia – what a waste of FBI effort to lockdown an entire building – note from the photo how big the building is – when all he wanted was for them to do what they are mandated to do – protect our civil and cyber rights, and stop illegal actions that break Federal laws. The FBI must stop the felonies committed against Peter Sumaruck…by our government.

“The FBI does not need to fear us, it’s just technology; but the public does need to fear the FBI,” says Pete. “The FBI is ignorant. Agents are told what to do – to get a paycheck – not told to think.” One agent has a superior, who has another superior, ad infinitum on up the line until the message becomes meaningless.

Before leaving the building, Pete and his sister decided to go to the in-house café for a salad. Then, over the loudspeaker they heard another message, “Situation Contained.” – doors open, back to business as usual.

Review of Pete Sumaruck’s life – Pete was born in Temple Texas, grew up in Waco, then lived and worked worldwide – for almost 10 years, when he was a contract covert op for the United States Government, trained by Navy SEALs to take assignments around the world where the U.S. military is not openly allowed to “interfere,”

As a cover and then with his own business, he became a master electrician. Being an electrician often worked into his various government assignments. And Pete’s genius in electronics led to his technology energy breakthrough, 26 years ago. First as an accident – but there are no accidents – Pete almost immediately turned his scientific theory into a product…powering buildings of any size, off the grid if desired.

Pete can do this; he has shown he can power entire buildings – once turned on, each power unit can run continually for 30 years at least (the life of a new building) – example, a 2,000 to 5,000 sq. ft. building powered by one 65kW power unit for 30 years. He knows his units can run that long because he is already up to over 26 years.

There is no holding back the march of technology – The United States Government wants to stop Peter Sumaruck but they will not succeed.This technology could quite simply power all Federal buildings in Washington D.C. – think of the money to be saved in electricity. This could easily end this country’s debt issues, and right now, begin to reverse increased climate temperature. This technology could power the military … without batteries, no oil, no natural gas, no coal, no nuclear.

With all the advantages of Mr. Sumaruck’s Zero-Amp Technology, it’s not surprising the U.S. Government is scared of any technology that would be better than oil, natural gas, coal or nuclear. This country does not want new technology; they do not want to fight climate change. Corporations are making too much money from energy sources that harm the earth and it’s people – “don’t slow down that money coming in… please.”

In 1961, President Eisenhower declared this country to be the largest “Military-Industrial Complex,” and our goverment intends to keep it that way. But it seems there is quite a demand internationally for Mr. Sumaruck’s technology. Other countries have seen how these innovations work and they want it.

In 2004, Sumaruck was set to power the ground operations in the Iraq War (no weapons; he doesn’t want his technology weaponized). His prototype for the U.S. Army was ready for mass production as mobile power production units when the project was shelved and funds shifted to nuclear.

Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity – F.B.I originally stood for Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity

The professional reputation of the Waco, Texas office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is slipping downward on a precipitous slope – not the “fiscal cliff” but the “law enforcement cliff.” Can the Waco reputation possibly slip any lower. It seems it can.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was created in 1892 to solve crimes, not perpetrate them. It is public knowledge that the FBI has falsified documents, see some examples: and We, the public want to be able to go to the FBI if we believe Federal laws have been broken. We want to be confident that the FBI will protect us. I personally contacted the FBI in Oct. of 2011 to complain that I was the victim of continual cyber crime. Entire articles of mine, reporting on Pete, would disappear on the internet before my eyes – gone.

The agent made light of the law – I called my local office. The agent told me that I might as well forget it. Yes, my civil rights were abrogated but I have little recourse. He quoted statute, naming the “Color of Law,” that civil rights laws are subject to interpretation, and that I would have a very difficult time making a case, that the infractions happened over the internet – records gone, into the either. He was polite, oh so very polite – he made light of the law.

When harassing me, they use cyber crime – because they know how important the written word is to me. What about our guarantee of free speech. Just this morning Dec. 30, they turned off my internet connection…when others have the internet and I don’t, how strange, how convenient.

When harassing Pete Sumaruck, their op-mode is vehicular. Pete loves motors – he is the only person in America to run motors at a cool or ambient temperature; heat destroys motors; his motors remain cool.

But Pete especially loves cars and trucks. Our government knows this and they are sadistic in choosing their ways of attacking him, like lug nuts taken off the drivers side front wheel a couple of years ago, breaks cut, and a man shooting a machine gun at him on I 5… but now most recently, his truck wreck was almost perfectly timed.

It happened on the anniversary of the day Pete’s father died, burned to death in a Corvair – the infamous Corvair design flaw (investigated by Ralph Nader). Our government’s timing was only 15 minutes off of hitting the mark of the time he was born.

How did our government know about this July’s truck wreck unless they were responsible – We have a record of a telephone conversation from a Federal official stating they knew about Pete’s horrific accident before any other individuals knew. Our government must have been very disappointed when Pete walked away from it.

Pete says, “Fred Rhae owes me $110,000.00 for my truck and trailer. Rhae should lose his job; he should be arrested…the FBI should treat him like any other common criminal.”

Homicide is a heinous crime – if it threatens Pete Sumaruck, it also threatens all of us. Citizens need to know they can trust the FBI, and believe that the FBI is not the criminal. We need to be shown to be convinced.


Zero Frequency Technology worldwide is the newest adaptation of the basic innovation of Zero-Amp Tech. Inc. This will be described in future articles.

Beyond Sustainability – Future articles will discuss what’s new for zero-fuel and zero-pollution. This is truly beyond sustainability.

Also hear why Pete Sumaruck believes inventors should not develop their innovations in the United States.


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As a point of interest, it will soon be a year ago on Feb. 25, that our government took down – removed – Pete Sumaruck’s ZAT website (and had to be replaced).

Now, less than a month ago, his AOL email address was taken down, replaced now with HOTMAIL. Such harassment is really tiresome.

Innovation will continue; it cannot be stopped. It just is.

Note more photos of Pete Sumaruck’s wreck.