Inventor, Pete Sumaruck is Interrogated While Under Sedation

Inventor, Pete Sumaruck is Interrogated While Under Sedation

While still under sedation – in a recovery room after surgery, at the San Ramon Regional Medical Center, on March 28, 2013, inventor Peter Sumaruck was accosted by Federal agents and questioned about his Zero-Amp Technology… while he was still sedated.

This was an act of torture and a question of national security – National Security is supposed to protect American citizens. Federal agents have been committing acts of torture against Pete Sumaruck since 1991 – the number is now up to 20 attempted homicides.

We ask the question, can a law abiding American citizen be tortured to give up secrets of his breakthrough technology. The drug Propofol was said to be an anesthetic, but here it was actually used as truth serum.

Will this be the drug of choice in battlefield interrogations, especially since Propofol can result in total body pain for the person being interrogated – is this the new Abu Ghraib.

Interview with Peter Sumaruck, by Charlotte Wilson

For the past several days, I have been interviewing Pete Sumaruck; it seems each day brings a new disclosure. This article will be published on the ZAT website,  

Many other articles have been posted on that site since 2007, to include a short (one month) downtime when the website had to be reconstructed after February 25, 2012, one year ago, when the original website was removed by hackers as a form of harassment (to include the removal of my personal website, Fortunately we had both digital and hard copies of the originals articles, but most of the articles on the current sites are new.

All of this, together with new material will complete the collection of historically significant content compiled in a new biography on Peter Sumaruck.

Since 1991, when Sumaruck offered his technology to the government of the United States, agents of various branches of the intelligence services have engaged in harassment of the inventor, instead of showing appreciation for his work. It seems they prefer to steal his invention from him using acts of subterfuge and torture as well as many incidents of attempted vehicular homicide. The government can also be imaginative in their harassment: in early February, 2012 Sumaruck and his neighbors were strafed by a low-flying crop-duster for 45 minutes and in September 2012, Pete Sumaruck was kidnapped and held against his will for 12 hours .

The U.S. Government’s interrogation during sedation of Pete Sumaruck on March 28 was a heinous act and serves as proof that the U.S. government actually does want Pete’s technology, but they are now too ashamed to ask. They hate to be proven wrong.

If they want it so badly, why don’t they just say so. Speak.

Requesting does not lead to acquiring – the U.S. government has waited so long to ask for the technology, that Zero-Amp Tech has moved far beyond U.S. borders. This is international technology now. Licensing rights have been purchased by more than 100 countries worldwide. Since this technology cannot be stopped, it seems only logical that the U.S. government would be sensible and engage in discussions with the inventor, rather than use torture to obtain product details.

We are prompted to ask, how many other inventors have been violated in hospital recovery rooms.

Note the above sentence with the word “inventors” was just minutes ago was changed to “inseminators” by federal agents…as an example of the cyber harassment used by U.S. the government to invalidate the character of Pete Sumaruck. 

In October of 2011, I contacted the FBI to complain about the many occasions of cyber-tampering against the website of and now, .  I was told by the FBI that even though cybercrimes are one of their primary mandates, they couldn’t help me. The agent told me that “Yes” my civil rights had been abrogated, but no judge would take my case…and even if they did, it would be very difficult to prove – cyber evidence released into the ether.

Surgery – On March 28, 2013, the inventor, Pete Sumaruck was scheduled to have surgery for esophageal dilation . The procedure would be performed at a hospital in Contra Costa County, in California. This surgery generally takes only a short time; after completion, Mr. Sumaruck’s gastroenterologist departs immediately for his next surgery, while staff takes the patient to the recovery room.

Background – Pete Sumaruck had this same surgical procedure  most recently about 15 months ago. At that time, the surgery was done in Waco, Texas where Sumaruck was living and where he was building his famed power production units – unlimited electric power, no fuel and no pollution. Pete Sumaruck is not only an extremely valuable authority in the field of energy technology, his life experiences have helped make him a public figure.

Char – “How many years now have you been having this surgery,” I asked Pete.

Pete thinks for a moment, back to the early 1980’s, “I had my first massive heart attack after I went on that assignment – drug wars in Columbia, for the DEA. They used chemical warfare …we were breathing that shit. Five of our guys died immediately. We didn’t have an NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical like hazmat) suit on then. I saw the cloud coming; I leaned over, didn’t breath – that was the DEA gassing it’s own people. Oh, yeah, they really appreciate us.”

Char – Sounds like Auschwitz.

Background – Starting in the late 1970’s ( Sumaruck does not give exact dates for security reasons), Pete was a contract covert operator for the U.S. government, trained by Navy SEALs, and serving for 9 ½ years of assignments all over the world. It was during one of those assignments, where he was poisoned by a chemical spray, which caused a serious and chronic allergic reaction that targeted his esophagus, requiring dilation. 

Just recently, Pete’s doctor counted the number of surgeries he had during 2009, at 9 times (a typical number of surgeries per year), prompting his primary care physician to say it was possible that Pete had been continually poisoned to compound the initial allergic reaction, as far back as 1991.

Since the beginning of 2012 to the present, for 15 months, Pete did not need the surgery. Coincidentally, it was early 2012 when Pete spent $25,000.00 on bullet-proof security systems: lead shielded wires, and a camera surveillance system for his home and his workplace. Before that, some of his cameras had been shot out, as well as several forced entries.

Harassment began in 1991 – Pete, “I went to the FBI (in Atlanta) in 1991, to show them my power system. I just wanted to help my country…instead of contacting me about the tech, they just keep trying to harass me…yeah big, strong, tough guys. Every time they harass me, they are traitors to their country. Sworn to defend their country – what a joke – they don’t know right from wrong, they’re just Nazi strormtroopers.”

When Pete had the surgical procedure 15 months ago in Waco, TX, his regular physician, Dr. Contreras stepped out, giving the duty to another doctor, who used the drug Propofol (the drug that killed Michael Jackson), as an anesthetic. Demerol and Versed were always used in previous operations; Pete had no adverse reactions from those two drugs. Pete specifically requested those drugs and not Propofol. The doctor declined, making some excuse that Protofol was now required. 

Interestingly, the other drugs were always administer by the physician, but an anesthesiologist must administer Propofol, thus demonstrating the severity of the drug and the extra cost involved. For previous surgeries, recovery occurred in a few days, but when the Propofol was used, Pete experienced a variety of dangerous reactions and side effects, including extreme total body pain, and weakness which lasted 5 weeks.

Pete – After surgery in Waco, “I was in agony, couldn’t get out of bed for 5 weeks, couldn’t keep any food down (his weight had been 165), I weighed only 93 pounds. Sick all the time, I thought I was going to die. My sister brought medication for me; she saw me at 93 pounds.”

Char – “I’m so sorry, this is so terrible… Do you think they interrogated you after that surgery too.”

Pete – “It’s possible, but I only listened to the first part of the tape; sent the tape to my (security) guys. I tape everything, anyone I meet with. We were trained to film and tape everything.”

Conscious sedation –
Propofol belongs to a class of medications known as hypnotics, or anesthetics.”… “This is referred to as conscious sedation.”

Pete – Referring to the most recent surgery, “I told the anesthesiologist – I told her 8 times – told her not to give me Propofol, and 8 times she promised she wouldn’t use it. I told her to use Demerol and Versed; she said, ‘yes, yes.’…she promised, again and again.

“They sent her because she was tall, and had big tits; they thought I wouldn’t notice the drug (be distracted). You know, they’ve done that before – big blond with huge tits – a government plant. Those people are so stupid.

“And after she gave me the injection, when it started to kick in, I looked asleep but I heard her say, ‘Look, he’s out; I told you he wouldn’t know the difference.’ What’s going on here.”

Pete knows it was 8 times because he wore a body wire. When he played the audio back, he counted 8 times – it’s on record. And readers, if you are even tempted to ask, “If he was wearing a hospital gown, how could he be wired,”…then you just don’t know…and we aren’t going to say.

Pete – “I told them I’m allergic to Propofol. I’m a heart patient; I have allergic reactions to Propofol…agonizing pain all over my body. Char, you showed me all those websites that talk about extreme pain with Propofol.”  this study shows that of those who experienced all-body muscle pain after surgery from the anesthesia Propolol, 100% reported the pain was severe, and also 100% reported the pain was long lasting.

Pete – “I didn’t play back the tape until a couple of days later because when I first listened, he was doing the surgery…then a period of quiet. Later, I decided to listen to it all – damn-it , there were other people in the recovery room – three different voices. They asked me about my tech. Most of all, they really wanted to know about the new stuff – zero frequency. That was easy; I don’t know how it actually works. My buddies are developing that application.

Char – “I know you. You wouldn’t tell.”

Pete, “They screw with us; we screw with them” – “We were trained how not to tell. They (in op training) simulated a POW camp, if we got caught, what guerrillas would do to us if interrogated – taught to outsmart lie detectors and VSA (voice stress analysis) – they screw with us; we screw with them. It was so ingrained in us; nobody can get information out of any of us.” 

Pete goes on, “Those people (Federal agents) just go ahead as they’re told – well, that stops now. Those people are pathological liars, cowards; human life means nothing to them. This country in their hands? This country is in trouble.

“People are going to rise up; the public won’t stand being manipulated, drugged, interrogated, harassed, attempted murder…People are not going to take it, especially former military, Marines, former SEALs…they won’t take it, like those 300 police chasing down one Marine  in California, setting that building on fire. He would have given up eventually; they didn’t need to murder him. That takes a lot of courage – one guy against 300. Just like the Waco Massacre.”

I spoke to Pete after the surgery; he was in terrible pain, the same pain he had after the Waco surgery. He told me he was going to try to eat. Speaking to him later, it was the same, he couldn’t keep anything down.

Then two days later, he sounded better, he was reviving.

Pete – “My people sent me a Navy doctor; he was great; gave me what I needed to stop the pain; I’m eating now. I played the chip for him; he heard what went on; he was angry, he understood. This doctor saved me – one of the good guys – my Navy buddies.”

The interrogation – Since the tape is evidence, we can only speculate on the dialogue between Federal agents and Pete Sumaruck while he was under sedation from the hypnotic drug. This was not a simple Q and A session, nothing you would expect. Pete’s comments were garbled, scattered, not linear.

“La, la, la,” Pete mouthing a little song he wrote. “Play some music… who are you guys?” Pete’s voice sounds scratchy. “Where’s your tutus? Feds wear pink tutus, taught by J. Edgar – what a hypocrite.” More la, la, la, la.

Agent 1. – “Do you have one of your power unit with you?” Pete looks down and around the room as the agent speaks. “Are they in your truck right now?”

Pete – “Truck power what? I’m a musician. Need practice for the party. You’re bad; you need lots of practice,” he slurs his words.

Agent 1. – “We’ll practice later… after we deliver all those power units. You have lots of orders, 400 units, right?”

Pete laughs a little – “Now where would I have all that,” Pete stands up; he’s still wearing his hospital gown. He makes motions like looking for his pockets. Where are they… where? Up your rear that’s where. Yeah, lets look up your rear.” The agent steps back.

“Fried eggs look like eyes looking at you; did you know goats don’t smell bad.”…and, “I have a way to collect static electricity from goats – recharge your power unit, raise goats.”

Agent 2. – Come on Pete, we’re in Mumbai, you know – to look at your power units. We bought one; we gave you money for it… so it’s OK to show us how it works.”

Pete – “My tech heats the water in your bathtub, put your dog in there; he’s cleaner than you are, But you know me…I never go out of the U.S.…” he leans into their faces and whispers, “It’s not safe… I have enough trouble with assassination attempts in the U.S.” He la, la, la’s a bar of his tune. “I’ve been all over the world, every shit-hole there is. And the best. I’ve been to the best places – do you know you can take your dog into a restaurant in Germany…she is not…don’t make jokes about my girlfriend.”

Agent 3 leans in – “Pete, I have my cell phone right here,” the agent pulls it out of his pocket. “Show me zero frequency, how you convert this to free power?”

Pete – “My buddies got that going, their gig. Mumbai, if you’re in Bombay, you just go to a street market.” he points to the cell phone. “They’ll fix you up…but don’t fall in a river – you might back into a dead body.” He looks into another agent’s face. “You’ll find Steve Greer there; he’d rear anybody, even the dead.” Pete la, la, la’s his little tune again.

Feeling better, Pete went out to a local Walgreens pharmacy to fill a prescription. He was sitting there waiting; nothing to do, he took out his pocket knife; he had a large blister on his little finger – he popped and drained the blister. Then put the knife back in his pocket.

Suddenly a man confronted Pete, told him he was the manager. He said he had a complaint, that Pete was brandishing a knife. “Just a pocket knife,” Pete told him, “I’ve been carrying one of these since I was a kid.” The pharmacy manager said he had one too, but then went on – angry – saying Pete couldn’t do that in the pharmacy.

He said Pete would have to leave the store, “And don’t come back; you could frighten people.” Pete looked up at the counter, to see the pharmacist watching everything. She was wearing a full berka, only her face showing.

Pete – “That manager talks about frightening someone; no one else was interested in what he was saying to me…except that pharmacist. More likely to be frightened of that woman in the berka – she might put something in your meds, something that shouldn’t be there; she might be a terrorist. Have the Feds checked her out. She wasn’t wearing a pharmacy uniform – how do we know she’s loyal to America. That manager has no judgment. Why would he hire a pharmacist who looked like that – she’s a lot more of threat than me with my simple pocket knife.”

Char – Do you think that was Fed harassment.

Pete – Of course. I went to another Walgreens. They looked in their records, they told me I was now banned from getting my scripts filled in any Walgreens in California. This is a campaign to discriminate against me. People talk about our freedoms, but this is Nazi-land.”

April 9 – Pete spoke to his doctor’s wife. She told Pete that she had been threatened by the DEA, ordered her husband not to give any prescriptions to Pete, and that the doctor would be monitored by them for a period of time – threatened to take away the doctor’s license.

Pete – “What about the Hippocratic oath, what about doctor-patient privacy – an anesthesiologist is supposed to be a doctor – was she – we don’t know. And what about the sanctity of the recovery room. How did the DEA know about what went on in the operating room and the recovery room. How did they know to threaten the doctor’s wife, if their people hadn’t been there.

“We have proof, documented proof. And I don’t have to worry about keeping it safe; it’s already delivered to my security people.

“Look, Char, I want you to be sure to say something here – about how the U.S. government is screwing the public on technology. I have more than 30 patents pending for my tech…but the U.S. is out of line about their patents. They are completely against perpetual motion; they accepted me, but how many thousand other inventors don’t get in. Lots of great technology out there applying perpetual motion. It’s natural, just look around – perpetual motion everywhere, oceans, rivers, harvests seasons, everything in nature – perpetual motion is natural; it’s been around forever – but physics is old science.”

At the moment of making his initial breakthrough discovery in the 1980′s, Pete disproved the laws of thermodynamics – so much for physics. And the same with zero frequency, current physics does not apply any longer.

Pete – “Our country has deliberately destroyed manufacturing in America – build it somewhere else and then complain that unemployment is up. Kids are trained to work with computers, but that isn’t cutting edge. Computer science is old science; it’s been around since the 60′s – more than half a century old. We were using laptops in the 70′s when we were out on ops.” Shows reviews of a hi-tech trade show where items are flash and glossy, only to entertain – but not new technology.

“Now this country runs on screw-you engineering. Eighty % of profits come from selling replacement parts – everything is designed to break down. I’ve looked at old patents, held them in my hand (in the Patent Office) like a Lithium battery from the 1800′s that would never need to be recharged – run forever. But no, they couldn’t allow that, had to modify it until it stopped.”

People need to accept what is truly new – change is healthy. We got used to electric lights, cars, refrigerators, factories – you get used to it – infrastructure develops to handle change. “True innovation is happening right now, people don’t have to wait for the military to use it first… for decades. Fuel-free technology will become the way we live.

“With ‘Zero Frequency’…this is actually ‘new.’ All this hand-held device crap is just more of the same, glossy but it’s not new. With zero frequency, whatever it is, however large you want to power, you start it with a 2 volt battery, just for ignition, then no fuel from then on, runs as long as you need – this was never known to mankind before.

“No New World Order,”…“Third world countries are really climbing onto this. No ‘New World Order’ with zero frequency. We don’t care if somebody doesn’t belong to the corporate trash. The United States has a closed mind – they’re both ignorant and stupid.”

The U.S. government thinks Pete Sumaruck is standing in their way of promoting the status quo. The truth is that Pete’s tech is “the way,” the way we will all live, from now on.

Now that the truth is out on hospital recovery room interrogations, they can see their plans are not working – it just won’t work.

Who would imagine any U.S. hospital recovery room could be America’s Abu Ghraib. Second only to slavery, this is the most flagrant violation of any American’s civil rights. This country goes to war and tortures human beings, that’s bad enough. But this is a country that violates its own laws and tortures its own citizens on U.S. soil – this is Abu Ghraib in California. We wonder how many other places in this country, how many other times have similar interrogations happened.