“I Learned It From John Mc Cain,” says Pete Sumaruck, so he can talk to the “Attorney General” in San Francisco

“You’ll never guess who I talked to today,” Pete said to me.

Conversation between the inventor, Peter Sumaruck and his documentarian, Charlotte Wilson –

Char – “Another go at ‘Captain’ Bailey.” That was a joke but you’d need to know the history.

Pete – “No, better story than that old fake (Bailey). I spoke to the “Attorney General” … in the Justice Department, San Francisco. I just called to get a phone number from them. I didn’t give them my name; she never asked. Yeah sure, she could see my phone number, but no name.”

Char – “They know you.”

Pete, PS – “I only said a few words, maybe 4 seconds about my complaint. ‘You need a Federal Marshal,’ She was bitchy. No, I told her, just the number I asked for,’ she looked up what I wanted, then gave the area code, some noise and a disconnect. Damn.”

Char – “You didn’t stop there.”

Pete – “You know me. I wanted that number so I called back. I got another woman. This one didn’t ask who I was either, but she started raving at me. I told her I had been cut off.

“She told me, ‘Don’t tell me your story – I am the Attorney General,’ she read off the number… I hadn’t offended her. She hung up. I thought, ‘rude bitch.’

“So of course I called back. I got the first woman again…so I asked her very politely if she would please give that other woman a message for me… tell her she is a rude, stupid, arrogant fucking cunt.’”

Pete, to me – “They never give their name, but for sure she wasn’t the ‘Attorney General’…the Attorney General would never answer the phone; she’s too lazy and stupid to be an Attorney General. That’s what we are getting from the Justice Department – Protect and Serve. This is the New World Order, they’re rogues, they make up their own laws as they go along. Big and Brave, like those 300 law enforcement officers, burning to death one Marine-RECON in that mountain cabin, at Big Bear Lake, (California). Did they learn how to do that from the Waco Massacre.

Char – “Your ‘Attorney General’ was probably just an office cleaner, scrubbing the toilet.”

Pete – “Yeah, with a broom handle up her rear, sweeping the floor.

“Hey, Char, I want you to tell readers who taught me how to use the word, ‘cunt.’ The Navy didn’t teach me to say that. I learned it from John McCain.”

We laugh wildly. A couple of years ago I told Pete about how I had read the now-famous story of Ariana Huffington’s cocktail party, where John McCain – the great and noble Presidential Candidate – in the presence of guests and several reporters… called his wife a “fucking cunt.” What a way to talk to your wife and standing next to the press. McCain doesn’t have good judgement.

Pete – “Yeah…four times. I saw the film of McCain saying it four times on Link TV. Link TV always gets it right.”


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