Has Sterling Allan of PESWiki Lost His Mind – Sterling Admits to Everything

Part One –

Sterling Allan admits to everything.

Following Sterling Allan, former CEO-founder of PSWiki, makes us wonder what is going on. A colleague from a diffferent indi-tech news site who has asked to remain anonymous says, “Sterling has actually lost his mind – not an exaggeration. Everyone, his friends and family are pulling back.”

Sterling Allen

Sterling Allan

Sterling calls it his “Lust Addiction” – Sterling, tells his public about his supposed lust for young women and little girls (described on various web sites); the following site said he was banned from being in the same room, for a child’s protection, and that he might be institutionalized. … http://www.greaterthings.com/News/2014/10/23/2392525_LDS-Church_bans_Sterling-Allan_from_all_LDS-Properties_for_participating-in_Sunday-School/   … the following is from Greaterthings.com, a website for members and friends of the Church of Latter Day Saints. This appears midway down in the comments section, from someone who has known Sterling Allan for many years. See below.


“Sterling, I go back with you to the early 90s and the American Study Group, first meeting you in Idaho at one of your presentations on the (LDS) constitution. … I remember when you married Cheri and feeling envy that you were able to find such an attractive woman who was like minded. I later remember debating with you about the prophet (Joseph Smith) never leading us astray. … Given my long association with you, I think I have the right to comment on my perceptions of your current standing. …

“Now after all these years, you openly confess that you may be facing incarceration for pedophilia or some kind of inappropriate, illegal interaction with an underage female. Along with that you claim to be some kind of Heavenly Father in the flesh and that you chose your weakness with underage females for some kind of righteous purpose. In other words, you hold to the idea that our weaknesses make us strong and are a necessary part to becoming great. …

“My position is that Jesus never had to be a pedophile or an adulterer… or (do) any other sin that robs soul growth in order to experience opposites in all things and in order to set things right. He was able to set things right by his purity and his steadfastness. He was able to be merciful without doing the sin. He was able to be compassionate and empathetic without giving into temptation.” 

And visit: http://freeenergyscams.com/sterling-d-allan-waiting-to-be-arrested-for-pedophilia/… Sterling claims to be Jesus Christ reincarnated, says he is “GOD in the flesh,” …”admits to being a pedophile, admits he has committed sexual abuse with an underage child, and says that he is waiting to be arrested.” ...”And as many of you know, in the past couple of months I’ve (Sterling speaking) gone public in declaring that I think I’m HFITF (Heavenly Father in the Flesh).” and “I’ve given voluminous reasons for that. (but) I’ve certainly been spurned by the Mormons, who excommunicated me.”

This is a soap opera – If Sterling can’t legitimately sell new energy technology, why not try selling the script to Hollywood. Now Sterling talks about finding the Heavenly Mother in the Flesh, a dancer and violinist named Lindsey (appropriately named) Sterling.


http://www.greaterthings.com/JesusAppearancetoSterling/LindseyStirling/150302_Is-she_Heavenly-Mother-in-the-flesh.htm … Sterling introduced her to “his” public on March 2, 2015, but no mention of redemption after his admitted pedophilia claim; Sterling works fast. Can’t help but wonder if Lindsey will forgive him, or not even care.

Also, Sterling Allan has been saying that he wants to “sup” with Jesus – sup meaning, have dinner with Jesus. How is that possible if he “Is Jesus.” And Mormons don’t drink wine. Since Sterling has been excommunicated, we suppose he must be free to do whatever.

So we see that Sterling Allen has mixed sex with religion, strange bedfellows … but what about his quest for “free-energy” and/or unlimited electric power. When he wrote this he claimed he would become, “the richest man in the world” (yes, he says this still).

Whenever pertinent, we want Sterling to speak for himself.  http://pesn.com/2014/12/30/9602588_PESNs-last-stand/  … The following is part of Sterling’s self-proclaimed, “Last Stand” : Sterling offers, “What you (the reader) can do.” He then suggests, “Stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.” Thanks Sterling; we will do that.

As part of Sterling’s Last Stand, he has been asking for donations to pay off his PES corporate tax bill; Sterling says, “PES tax tally for 2014 will be approximately $24,000…” Sterling is asking his followers to contribute to his cause so he won’t be charged with tax evasion. One might infer that if his yearly tax amount was averaging 24K or more, then PESWiki must be a good moneymaker, along with his other related enterprises. One might ask why would anyone loan a large amount of money to a pedophile with tax issues – an example of Sterling not thinking clearly.

Remember this, Sterling Allan, publicly, quit PESWiki, as of Dec. 2014; does that mean that Sterling is gone from the internet and airwaves – “betcha” not. Though PES is a corporation, it is not a nonprofit. Sterling says he has passed the “baton” to another member of the Mormon Church (what is it with the Mormon Church: does he believe one must be a Mormon to invent free energy, not). …  http://pesn.com/2015/01/12/9602591_Sterling-Allan_passes_PES-baton_to_Aaron-Willis  … in the above article are words from both Sterling and Aaron Willis who has taken over the operation of PESWiki – Aaron intends to bring PESWiki into a non-profit status.

Division of Church and State – Mormons use secrecy in their rituals; they are accustomed and comfortable with secrecy. There are different levels in the religion with access to certain rooms in a temple is based on member hierarchy … and members must keep secrets (more strict than Masons). Being a Mormon would be a plus in a job application form – to include entre to recruitment.

Sterling and his “-Exotics” – What he calls his pet technologies, ones that preferably display overunity and are closed looped, that produce free electric power – his cash cow – buStert if you look at all the different products he has profiled, he has never found one that suits his needs. We wonder what will be next on his “Wonders of the World” tour of what he likes to call “exotic technology.”