FBI Tries To Get Rid Of Pete Sumaruck But That Isn’t Going to Happen

FBI Tries To Get Rid Of Pete Sumaruck But That Isn’t Going To Happen

FBI’s War against Pete Sumaruck

If you can’t stand swearing, you better not listen.

The Phone Call – I’m driving – Pete is on the phone; I’m trying to listen; I pull over.

Pete’s agitation level is on fire, up over my head. He has the right to be angry.

On February 13, 2013, Peter Sumaruck spent five or more hours, solid, on the phone, trying to reach the FBI. He got the thousand mile run-around.

If people are reasonable to Pete, he is nice to them, polite – Pete doesn’t start arguments – If they insult him, he won’t just accept it and walk away. Mr. Sumaruck will defend himself.

Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity – Pete is exceedingly honest and he expects honesty in return. What is the motto of the FBI: Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity. “‘Bravery,’ (ha) Fred Rhea is a chicken-shit, mother-fucker. Big strong guy…he’s a sissy, little children are smarter and braver. Now he’s hiding. If he’s innocent, he can get a good attorney and go to court. Or he can confess and save everyone a lot of trouble.”

FBI agent, Fred Rhea is not exempt from the law. He can no longer pretend to represent the FBI with integrity.

Why was Pete trying to reach Agent Rhea. To tell him his Navy SEAL buddies, thousands of them will not stand for what Rhea tried to do to Pete. They saw the police photos of the accident, pages and pages of them. Police said it was the worst crash on I40 in history. Rhea tampered with Pete’s truck and trailer to cause the accident, purposely to occur on the birthday of Pete’s deceased father. Rhea wanted Pete to die in a violent crash, like his father died – what kind of person would do such a thing – “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.”

Pete refuses to let it go – right is right and this is wrong. Agent Rhea wanted Pete Sumaruck to go away, disappear, so he decided to murder him, but Pete survived – Pete has protection.

Why Waco, Texas – because Waco was where inventor, Pete Sumaruck grew up and where his father is buried. Pete left Waco as soon as he was on his own, but returned in early 2008/2009, to build his power production units – Pete creates unlimited new electric power. From then to now, he got to know the Waco FBI office and agent Fred Rhea.

On February 13, 2013, Pete began his 5 hour attempt to reach agent Rhea by phone. First stop, Waco – Fred Rhea’s station. Pete got a recorded message. Pete says, “Rhea’s nothing but an arrogant piece of Nazi shit.”

Then to Dallas where Pete got a receptionist.

Told to call Houston. “What an asshole, cock-sucker – he disconnected me. I called again. He told me me to call Austin.”

Another receptionist. “She put my name in her computer, couldn’t wait to get rid of me; she tried not to listen but I held on; sent me to San Antonio.”

We’re talking about persistence. When Pete knows he’s right – which is practically always – he stays on it like a pitbull. This is what it takes to be an inventor…and a genius.

“San Antonio sent me back to Dallas. Now, this jerk was a real jelly-assed tough guy. He sent me back to Waco.”

Back to Waco – home again. “In Fred Rhea’s station but Fred is busy hiding under his desk. The guy who answered was a mother-fucker, chicken-hearted trash. Desk job, his ego is as big as his ass, sitting on his brain up his rear.”

“He tried to change the subject. I told him he better be prepared for a shitload of former Navy SEALs protesting. He’d better get Rhea to resign – the truth is out. Get Rhea to turn himself in. This Mexican said he had been an Army Ranger… didn’t care I had been a SEAL. Mother-fucking, sissy-assed piece of shit refused to let me file a complaint against that asshole killer Rhea – tootsie-rolled dick. They’re all a bunch of corrupt whores.”

Pete goes on, “Payback is a motherfucker,” a popular SEAL expression. “I’m not doing anything, not going after anyone,” says Pete, “but I want these FBI people to know that my SEAL buddies will protect me,” talking about the harassment from the U.S. Government.

To the FBI Building in San Francisco – just last week. This was Pete Sumaruck’s second time making a personal appearance, and he took his sister with him again as a witness. It wasn’t much fun for her but Pete loved it. His intention is to make a point…that they won’t forget him. And they won’t… that’s for sure.

And taunting them, sticking it to them – this is civil disobedience at it’s best, a kind of anti-war campaign – against the FBI’s war against Pete Sumaruck.

They tried to kill him and he won’t forget it. He won’t let up.

FBI San Francisco – this visit was a lot like his first time, Pete went there to protest our civil and cyber rights, and stop illegal actions by the FBI that break Federal laws – that’s right, law enforcement breaking the law; he intends to make the point that law enforcement is not above the law.

This time the agent grabbed his arm and tried to throw Pete out – is this assault. Pete told the agent, “You crazy mother-fucker, piece of shit. Are you going to hit me; I am a citizen; I pay your salary. You want to fight me; you are a piece of shit. I was a trained Navy SEAL; you have all your friends here to back you up, big brave guy – a hundred people against one Navy SEAL. You’re too much of a chicken-shit to fight me.”

They’re at the door, “Go on, let’s go outside,” says Pete,… “you show me how brave you are. I can take you down before you breath.” The agent closed the door.

A look at the Waco, Texas FBI office, “most hated in America,” says Pete Sumaruck, and this is not an exaggeration. If you want to see the FBI office in Waco, you’ll have to go there, no photos. That’s because this FBI office is the end of the line – it’s a piece of meat, blood red.

Pete says, “The Waco FBI office is the end of the line. Working there is punishment. No decent person could stand to work there; if an agent fucks up somewhere else, they send them to Waco. The place is a cluster-fuck. They are the most hated people in Texas…in America.”

Just google their website. 367,000 results, 95% of the articles talk about the Waco Massacre of David Karesh and his followers in 1993 – not just men, but women, 27 children and babies murdered, 81 people …all because the Waco FBI was inept, stupid and chose to solve a situation with extreme violence. Typical. That’s how things are done in Waco.

A quote from an FBI spokesman, “We are going to show them that we control the compound and they are impotent.” From an article titled, “Cover-up of Waco Massacre unravels as new evidence exposes FBI lies.” The few people who survived were jailed for years before their innocence was discovered – no illegal weapons, all the guns had permits. Those people were only trying to protect themselves.

Some people may say to Pete Sumaruck, “oh forget it, you can’t change the way our government is.” “You can’t stop corruption,”… and “corruption has been going on since humans began to talk.” But Pete Sumaruck will stand up for reform.

Pete Sumaruck refuses to let Fred Rhea get away with his murder attempt. Pete and his friends have the evidence and Pete wants Rhea brought up on charges. Agent Rhea was not hired to kill people. He was hired to “investigate” those who break Federal laws. Pete Sumaruck has not broken any laws…but Fred Rhea has. For sure.

What Pete Sumaruck wants from the FBI – He wants honesty and professionalism from them – Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity – what they claim to have and be.

“I want them to stop harassing me. I want this country to know that the FBI is fucking-corrupt; I want the world to know. I have rights – the right to invent a product that will change the world; this ignorant U.S. Government doesn’t have the right to stop me.

“I am not breaking any law; they could have arrested me years ago but I don’t break laws. Now, too many people know about my technology. Everybody’s going to have it, and this government can’t stop it. Almost 100 countries have it already; and the U.S. isn’t getting it because they are too corrupt and stupid and greedy.

Head of Waco FBI Office Retires – but no apology, of course.

What else does Pete want– “I want the FBI to punish those chicken-shit government employees who have been attacking my websites. Way back to 2002, they destroyed my first website, and then my second site. It’s almost a year now since they took that down, completely gone (on Feb.25, 2012). We had to totally rebuild it (new, current site, www.zeroamptechnology.com). It’s good now, but the mother-fuckers are still taking off pages.”

“Solving cyber crimes are the second mandate of the FBI, but they are the ones committing the crimes,” says Pete Sumaruck. Visit their site and also: http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/investigate/cyber/computer-intrusions

“Every day, criminals are invading countless homes and offices across the nation—not by breaking down windows and doors, but by breaking into laptops, personal computers, and wireless devices via hacks and bits of malicious code.”

It is true, there may be some actual hackers out there, but the FBI fancies themselves as experts at cyber crimes, and in doing so, they have learned to be criminals themselves.

They brag about how good they are, but they practice their skills on us.


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Serious words of to live by from Brendan Marrocco – Sgt. Marrocco is a wounded soldier who lost both arms and both legs in Iraq. In December, 2012, the 26 year old soldier received a double arm transplant and is now regaining use of his new arms. He rolls his own wheelchair and can now brush his own hair. Success may start with small “steps” but persistence wins the day. His words of wisdom apply to everyone,

“There’s a lot of people who will say you can’t do something,”…” Just be stubborn and do it anyway.”