Energy Beyond Renewable, Beyond Sustainable – Peter Sumaruck names other countries that have his licensing rights

Zero-Amp Technology is the only completely sustainable energy production system in the world.

Freezing weather and no blackouts – Now in the middle of winter, how are Germany and Belgium fairing since they have been decommissioning their nuclear power plants. Note: – article from January 24 – even on Jan. 17, the peak day for energy demand, reported Belgian news, L’Echo. Two nuclear reactors in Belgium were “switched off,” this past summer, due to a discovery of cracks, thus taking out 2,000 MW generating capacity. Belgium imports power, from solar and wind, from Germany.

This means Germany must be doing very well if they are able to export power.

Belgium and Germany now have the licensing rights to Zero-Amp Technology, the invention of Peter Sumaruck that produces unlimited fuel-free, pollution-free electric power.

All media sources comment that Germany claims all of their 17 nuclear power plants will be phased out by 2022. It should be mentioned that there are many variables involved in such a massive commitment powering the 4th largest country in manufacturer in the world.

The number 22, is a general number used by many world countries and economies when discussing dates or amounts of supplies – 22 can be an estimate when a definite number may be unclear. With Germany, it could be that their nuclear plants will shut down earlier – some already have.

Map of Germany, positioned in Central Europe.

Note the map of Germany showing transmission lines and generating stations. Using Zero-Amp Technology to produce electric power, those transmission lines will disappear, and unlimited electric power can be generated at each of those yellow dots, but also at corporate and industrial sites as well – energy on demand wherever and whenever it is needed.

Germany has had Mr. Sumaruck’s technology since 2004 when he was their guest for a teaching session, and another the following year.

Other countries with Zero-Amp Technology – This map graph also serves to demonstrate how Germany is surrounded by other countries that have also acquired the Zero-Amp technology licensing rights: Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, the Czech Republic, Netherlands. The graphic should also have included Switzerland, Italy and Austria, but the map does convey how power generated in Germany obviously will have a real influence on the countries around Germany.

The future accessibility of unlimited electric power will obviously bring down power costs to consumers. The above article from the Institute for Energy Research describes how the expense of electricity to German customers in the past was three times the cost to customers in the United States. That may have been the case then, but when the cost of German power drops to nearly zero, the German people and economy will feel the benefits immediately.

From that article, continue down to the first comment – from “Mark Maher, 15 days ago,”…”We run servers in both Europe and the US. The ones in the US are frequently hit by power outages, where as the ones in Europe are very rarely if ever affected.”

Why does the U.S. have more power outages than Europe has. When the U.S. has power outages, the reason given invariably is that weather causes damage to transmission lines. Strange that is the only reason given…when Europe has fewer outages.

Comment that power outages are effecting servers more frequently in the U.S., than in Europe – This is a very valuable comparison, which would not normally be covered in an ordinary news article. What is it that Europeans are doing that Americans are not. The reason must be found in European technology and infrastructure. Refer to ZAT articles on data servers being powered by ZAT technology: and

This huge data server complex in Utah is near completion for the NSA – their top secret data and cryptology center . The site has 25,000 sq. ft. dedicated to servers and 900,000 ft. for admin.

Of course this complex is immensely expensive, $2 billion (probably much more) to build and many times more expensive to power – thus American tax dollars stretched to their limit. “The code-breaking system uses 200 MW of power alone.” This entire complex could have been continually powered for free, if the U.S. government had chosen to use Zero-Amp Technology.

Peter Sumaruck refuses to sell his licensing rights to the United States – As a patriotic citizen – after serving his country for 9 plus years as a contract covert military operator before he became an inventor – Pete Sumaruck offered his invention to his country, but the U.S. repaid him by attempting to “remove” him on more than 18 occasions since 1991. Note June 22, 2012, attempted vehicular homicide.

It is remarkable Mr. Sumaruck survived this crash…with only a couple of broken ribs. He and his people have evidence that this was not an accident.

Pete is now retired, and happy to have his licensing rights being applied in nearly 100 countries worldwide. No world power wants to be left behind. These countries can now move forward at a rapid pace in this new direction, while creating unlimited electric power without any pollution.

“Government and corporate needs will come first,” says Pete, “homes will come along later… maybe some large homes are already being built now.” … “But once a group buys the licensing rights, it’s up to them to decide how it will be applied.” Mr. Sumaruck is not responsible for how his technology is applied.

Related to Zero-Amp Tech as the current direction of major technology, be apprised of the further application as an offshoot, Zero Frequency, developed by friends of Pete Summaruck. See: The future is moving in – all telecommunications will be powered by Zero Frequency.


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