It’s time for change. It’s time to rewrite the Constitution, written and passed in 1778, two hundred and thirty-eight years ago. Then, it took weeks for election results to travel to Philadelphia. Article 2 of the Constitution appears to have been written so to enable the ruling class to have control over the election of the President. This means the voters were not trusted to vote “properly.” With modern communications and the need that every voice is heard, the Electoral College is obsolete.

The current Constitution has allowed America to become an imperial power world-wide. That empire is now declining and is headed to eventual collapse. That decline is not reversible as has happened to all empires previously. Regardless of which political party holds the reins, they will preside over the collapse of imperial America.

America must change its future by making a bold move towards a parliamentary form of government. A parliamentary form of government is more democratic, allowing every political party a voice in the affairs of government. America is a republic which has become corrupt over time. Legislation to prevent corruption from creeping into government must be enacted along with the new Constitution.

To prevent the electioneering insanity of the last campaign, campaigning should be limited to about six to nine months for all candidates to get their message out. It appears that members of Congress start campaigning soon after being elected. What a waste of time! Their purpose is to represent the people, not in eternal campaigning.

This Constitutional Convention can be held on the internet. With proper security measures, several constitutions can be written and presented to the American public for approval. A formal convention then can be held in Philadelphia to formalize the Constitution.

We need to save American from failure. We need to do something now.

A.B. Charles