Biggest Wreck in I 40 Arizona History

“Hi everyone, I am Pete Sumaruck. I’m an inventor, as you can see behind me here, my power production unit, I built for the U.S. Army in 2004 – at their request – to power the ground operations in the War in Iraq.

“But what I am here to do today is to show you pictures of my recent roll-over disaster on Interstate 40, just west of Flagstaff, Arizona. The police told me this was the biggest accident on I 40 in Arizona history. The debris field was 1/8th of a mile long, 300 meters around. The skid marks ran for 1/4 of a mile. Witnesses said my truck and trailer rolled over 3 times. The highway was closed in both directions for 12 hours. Police and first responders, medical people, all thought I had to be dead – they kept saying, “Where’s the dead guy'”.

“It happened at 2:15 AM; I’m used to driving across the country; I do it a lot. I know what it takes to drive heavy equipment, from earth movers, to trucks of any size, 4 to 18 wheels.

“On this trip, I was driving my 2005 Dodge Hemi Laramie, pulling a 30 ft. travel trailer. I bought a Dodge Hemi because of it’s strength and durability – Hemi was designed by Mercedes.

“This display of police photos will show you what happened at 2:15 AM, on Sunday, July 22, 2012.

1. This is the Dodge Hemi later that morning. Witnesses said the truck and trailer rolled over 3 times. I landed upside down. A trucker ran over to me to help. He had to use a sledge hammer to break into my window to get me out.

“1. It was pitch black. Witnesses said my truck and trailer rolled over 3 times, landing upside down. A trucker ran over to me, grabbed a sledge hammer to break my window. I was trapped by the seat belt, upside down but I had my pocket knife.

2. You’re getting it now. The truck frame was strong but only my side window held up, with me wedged in next to the door. That shredded wreckage is the trailer.

3. Front windshield, and my side window.

4. Back view.

5. This is the frame of the 30 ft. travel trailer, all that’s left – it was new, less than 50 miles on it, before the trip.

6. Passenger side view of the damage. Police told me if anyone had been riding with me they would have died.

7. Dumping the remains of the trailer.

8. Passenger side.

9. Passenger with front view.

10. Close to trailer bed.

11. More trailer.

12. Placing the truck.

13. Shreds.

14. In the window.

15. Driver’s window. This is where the guy had to break in, and I’m hanging from the top upside down.

16. The inside of the truck was full of dirt, from rolling in the meridian.

17. Backseat looking up through the top of the truck.

18. Backseat – they had been leather seats.

19. Not much to say.

20. Passenger side distruction.

21. The engine is good. It was still running even when I was trying to get out. They had to work at turning it off.

22. It’s crazy, when the trailer started to roll, I tried the brakes – electric brakes for the trailer – the truck brakes were working but the trailer brakes malfunctioned. I had just lit a cigarette. Here it is on the seat, in perfect shape with everything else around it in ruin. Police ruled I was not at fault for the crash.

23. Frame of my window.

24. Driver’s side back still looks good. That truck was a miracle.

25. The good and the bad.

26. The end. The front and the back are good. A lot more to say about the cause of the accident. Read the article.

Thanks for your interest. I’m happy to be alive. If this doesn’t make a person believe in God, I don’t know what would. But then, I always did.

Pete Sumaruck


Pete Sumaruck is an inventor of the highest order. His first and foremost interest has always been to help his country by suggesting to his government his technology for producing free and unlimited energy – free power – closedlooped and overunity (makes more energy then before. His power units just keep on producing for 50 years or more (usual life of a building), and fuel free. In 2004, the United States Army agreed to use his technology to power the ground war in Iraq … that would include all power to the Green Zone (you know how tentative power was, off and on, off…), and no diesel fuel would be used for ground operations of a war, any war ever again. That would make this a fuel-free world, power your home, power my home.

Just as the government was ready to go into production of these generators, Pete’s prototype was destroyed, only a few damaged parts left on the warehouse floor. Next, our gov. stopped Pete from going into manufacturing for the general public.

There have been more than 20 attempts on Pete’s life. This accident with Pete’s truck was an attempt on his life and he knows who was responsible. Read more of my articles:  It has been a couple of years now so maybe “they” are ignoring us now, hummmm

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