Archery is an Art Form – You can get ahead without being against

Archery as an Art Form – The unusual profile of a local beekeeper

As a beekeeper in the Bee City of Talent, Jackson County, Dolly Warden has taken up archery after a short hiatus … of fifty years.  Now she is surprising herself with her continual bull’s-eyes. When Dolly Warden entered college in Ohio, she chose archery for her athletics and found she was gifted. Now in a class with Parks and Rec, Dolly is renewing and repeating her previous successes. “I do need a warm up of three quivers first,” she says. “Bows are different now (from her college days); they have a clip on the bow to help you balance. But also, my goal is not to miss.”

“I know I don’t want to learn to hurt anything. If you hunt, you have to stalk the animal, then shoot it in the heart,” she said as her eyes narrowed. “I learned archery indoors – you know, snow in winter. It wasn’t about hunting living things. When you aim, you stand behind the line with the target up in front so people don’t get hurt.” I asked her about the issue of competition: “With archery, you aren’t against anyone – you compete against yourself to improve your skills. You can get ahead without being against.”

Dolly has also been taking Spanish language classes for years, starting with her work in the 1970’s being a college librarian and helping immigrants, many of them children, seeking asylum up through Latin America. She likes the Spanish language and keeps up her vocabulary and conjugation. Some students  in Dolly’s current  Spanish class are also in archery, and were commenting on her multiple skills – Tiro de Arco. Muy bueno.

Working for sustainable agriculture via the GMO Free campaign was and still is very important to Dolly.  She worked long and hard with others to make genetically modified crops illegal to grow in Jackson County – “and of course we won.” Now the issue is aerial pesticides and aluminum in the air which are killing our bees. Dolly is a beekeeper, (as was her father), and she works at it. In 2014, Dolly was instrumental in having Talent designated as a Bee City USA. She keeps on doing; she has a knack for finding what is right and where she can contribute.

Interview by co-editor, Charlotte Wilson,