Arafat’s Ants and Nuclear Poison as a Murder Weapon

“Arafat’s Ants” – a popular expression among intelligence types, during Yasser Arafat’s lifetime was used to project the mental image of an ant hill – when it’s leader was disturbed, his legions would swarm.

Yasser Arafat died in November of 2004; Now Arafat’s ants are swarming since news provider, Al Jazeera launched an investigation into his Nov. 2004 death. His widow, Sufa Arafat agreed and has requested his body be exhumed for autopsy.

Many are using the word, “Poison.” Of course there are numerous types of poisons, but a current one – in media favor – is polonium, best known for being used to kill the Russian dissident in London exile, Alexander Litvinenko in 2006.

Just after his death on Nov. 11, 2004, the hospital in Paris gave Sufa Arafat a traveling bag containing Arafat’s personal affects, including items he wore, and used like his toothbrush. She agreed that the Institute de Radiophysique in Lausanne, Switzerland would analyze the items and Al Jazeera would document the investigation.

The film is respectful, but graphic, emotional while technical; it is chilling; it is real.  Tearing – his widow remembers as the helicopter landed at Arafat’s compound to take him to Aman, Jordan and then by plane to Paris, she said, “You know… you can smell death, I smelled death.”

The video begins with crowds of well-wishers and the curious swarming him as he travels to Paris for treatment, you see how ill he is – he’s extremely thin, most of face showed a large red blotch supposedly from the effects of clots, he’s frail but still attempting to show his feisty self. Arafat’s physician of 25 years reports, that Yassar thought he was poisoned.

All of the objects in his travel bag – to include hair samples, blood, urine stains – have been tested, by the Swiss, for any poisonous material. They find polonium to a greater degree than would be found in nature, and this particular polonium is “unsupported” which means it was made in a nuclear reactor.

Suha Arafat has received permission from the Palestinian Authority for the autopsy. Some might say Muslim beliefs may preclude performing autopsies but apparently not.

If more polonium is found in Arafat’s bones after an autopsy, they may be able to trace the polumium – a “what” and a “where.”

Doctors Omar Dakka, and Ashraf Al Kurdi, both of which were with Arafat for more than twenty years, claimed Arafat told them he believed he had been poisoned.

Arafat’s personal history – To develop an understanding of what made the man – Yasser Arafat – read . Along the way to “kinghood” Arafat made enemies; this could not be avoided. As a young teen he was taught by various Nazis and was the protégé of the Mufti of Jerusalem. Arafat even wrote his own history to put himself into places and with those people who would advance him. He loved fighting and combat.

A list of those who would want him dead would be excessively long – just a few: Israel, Iran (nuclear even then), Russia (Arafat was causing them trouble), the Saudis (there’s an unexpected one but very possible), Hamas – Arafat was too secular for many, Tanzin (formerly the al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades), the British. And,  Arafat was very unpopular with America intelligence.  To make it more complicated, Arafat was expelled from six countries.

Interestingly, Arafat studied Engineering in Egypt. Later, applying these skills, he successfully raised funds for his Fatah (Palestinian National Liberation Movement), through his engineering business… similar to Osama Bin Laden’s family construction business.

Yasser Arafat was very much in charge of his own political operation. He met numerous groups and individuals. Many of them would have wanted to replace and remove him.

What does it take for a person to be that much disliked or feared…or respected, that murder becomes necessary.

In Mike Wallace’s interview, Malcom X said, “Everyone wants to kill me.”

Through the Eyes of the Enemy – With the thought of using nuclear power as a weapon, another case immediately came to mind. References to this are offered by the victim and his family in the biography, Through the Eyes of the Enemy, by Colonel Stanislav Lunev, Regnery Publishing, 1998.

Radioactive nuclear poison cannot be seen. It is insidious – all poison is insidious but especially nuclear and there are various types, each with characteristics and symptoms.  Acute radiation syndrome symptoms usually  cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Yasser Arafat exhibited these symptoms, but the initial belief is polonium as the substance because of what researchers found on his personal affects.

Polonium has a quick reaction time and a high percentage of fatality, as with the Litvinenko murder, but both Colonel Lunev and his wife contracted cancer after what was believed to be nuclear exposure, perhaps from depleted uranium – “DI has nothing depleted about it,” says Global Research of Canada.

In his book, Lunev talked about how, during the 1980’s, their apartment was laced with some sort of nuclear residue  – an apartment given to them by the Chinese during the time the colonel worked for TASS…and spied on their Chinese hosts. So much for hospitality, both ways.

The Chinese do engage in chemical research (as do all countries). Did they decide to test a particular nuclear poison. Did they decide to punish their Russian guests whom they discovered to be spies. Was this Chinese humor, their little joke.

It is not clear if Mrs. Lunev survived the cancer, but at least Colonel Lunev recovered sufficiently to testify. On January 28, 2000, former Russian spy, GRU Military Intelligence Colonel Stanislav Lunev testified before a congressional committee – as reported by CNN.

Hooded to protect his identity, Lunev was present in a congressional courtroom in California to describe in detail the purpose of his assignment to infiltrate the United States – his cover, again as a TASS journalist – and find locations to place briefcase (a suitcase bomb) -size nuclear devises around the District of Columbia and other US cities. A CIA mockup of the device was displayed, but no exact drop locations were divulged. One “dead-drop” on the Potomac was suggested.

Lunev had defected to the US, some years before in 1988 (other reports say 1992), and he and his family entered the Witness Protection Program. This gave Colonel Lunev the opportunity to write his book, then shared some of his secrets with the media. Lunev has not been heard from since 2005 or perhaps 2007.

There must be legions of countries and individuals who would want to remove Colonel Lunev – political unpopularity can be personally dangerous. Many in his native Russia, then there are the Chinese, and perhaps some in the United States might not appreciate him… and of course all the other suspects. It’s a familiar story.

Poison cannot be stopped; it occurs in nature, but it is the human job to defuse the need to murder.

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