A Revolutionary Concept – Power a Vacation Home Without Fuel

A Revolutionary Concept – Power a Vacation Home Without Fuel

A Revolutionary Concept – Power a vacation home without fuel

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Feel the sense of freedom. Build your own escape home.

Zero-Amp Tech is the only technology in the world that is able to power an entire house for less than the price of a furnace, and then continue powering it for free for 30 to 50 years (the theoretical life of a building).

This technology opens up a new world for anyone who longs to spend time in the wilds but still have the comforts of electric power – and with electricity you can do anything. This technology eliminates the need for power transmission lines that spoil the skyline, and a need for propane. A 65kW power unit will power a building of 2,000 to 5,000 square feet.

The word “revolution” does apply here. Zero-Amp Tech power production systems are not powered by fuel. If plugged into a utility outlet a ZAT unit will not register power usage. When a home is not connected to a grid, ZAT but will power the entire home without the use of a magnet, a battery, or solar. And once started, the system does not stop. The system is closedlooped (keeps on going) and uses overunity, meaning that there is a dramatic increase in power. This disproves the physics Laws of Thermodynamics which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Zero-Amp Technology creates new electric energy – revolutionary.

If out in a rural area, be assured that the Green of the home will mirror the surroundings – no carbon footprints because there are no emissions.

This system can be used in town or out in the wilderness – power a pied a terre as well as a log cabin. Make your escape home your primary dwelling. When saving so much in utility bills, there is no limit to architectural creativity. Visit here for a typical home in a kit.

Conversion to the countryside – Many city dwellers start out by driving down a dirt road – that’s where it all begins. In your own wilderness there is this amazing sense of freedom – it feels so good. And if you build a smaller home, it’s possible to use a smaller generator, maybe a 20kW or a 12kW (power up to 2,000 sq. ft.)…and no winter storm will ever turn out the lights. This means that a fireplace is well worth having, but for aesthetic reasons only. If concerned about smoke particulates inside the house, use a fireplace insert.

Off away from town, and off away from city water – drilling for water used to be expensive, but not any more. Use the Zero-Amp Tech unit as a motor for drilling. So much money saved, you can now afford to pave that dirt road.

This revolution promotes seductive solitude – You see a dirt road up ahead; you turn in, crushed gravel under the wheels – the gravel turns to dirt. Confident you can breath now – before you started coming here, you had no idea what real breathing could be like. Now you’re back as often as possible, just to breath real air.

The first time down that road there was only a circle of trees around a cleared space. Things are different now, framing is up, the house is halfway to completion…you wish. As it takes shape, you’re getting impatient. You bring several friends with you today. You’re giving the tour, everybody out and up to the house, just a wood plank going up – walking the plank – to where the door will be. http://www.prefabs.com/

Your friends can join in – It’s fun for everyone, trying to guess what each room will be. The bathroom is easy, the tub is already there. You take them to an open window – ha, all windows are open. You point to the outside of the house.

“That’s where the power system will go,”… “It’s not very big, about the size of a furnace, but it’s going to power everything. All the way out here, see,” you wave your arm, “no power lines.” Your friends look out the framed window – all they see is scenery.

“It’s going to be great – no power outages ever…and no propane. I’m bringing the unit out here next week…you know, I built it myself.”

“What, you, naw; you’re not a lumberyard guy.” http://www.modulardirect.com/

“I don’t believe it,” says another, “I’ve been at your house; where you been keeping it? …no pieces laying around.”

“In it’s own trailer, in my garage,” you tell them, “I figure, next year, instead of buying a new furnace, I’ll get another of these ZAT units – when I sell the city house, the value will go way up…but I’m not telling any more; you’ll get a demonstration when you come up here for the party…get here before dark; the proof will be when the lights come on. Lights talk.”

“Will you build one for us,” she asks.

“No,” he laughs, “build one yourself, it’s easy.”